SCOR realized very early on the importance of the actuarial sciences in global risk assessment. With the development of increasingly sophisticated new products and the proliferation of risk factors, the profession of actuary today plays a vital role in the field of reinsurance. Information about each national Prize is provided in the local language.
Encouraging the actuarial profession
The actuarial profession really took off at the end of the 1980s.  Convinced of the need to develop and promote actuarial expertise, SCOR decided to actively encourage this field and search for new talent all over the world by creating the SCOR International Actuarial Award. This competition, open to academics and company actuaries, rewarded the most innovative research work carried out on a given subject.  The international jury was made up of professional actuaries and university professors.

The SCOR International Actuarial Awards took place 5 times and gave rise to some very high quality studies published by SCOR.  Winners include Gregory C. Taylor, René Schnieper, Robert L. Brown and Krupa Subramanian.

Supporting teaching and innovationIn 1996, SCOR decided to replace the International Award with several national Awards. The main objective of these new Actuarial Awards, now exclusively open to students, is to encourage innovation by supporting teaching initiatives linked to actuarial sciences.  These awards reward students who demonstrate innovative ideas and projects in the field of risk management.  The choice of subject matter is left up to the candidate. The first national Award was launched in France in 1996, followed by Germany in 1997, Italy in 1999, and Canada and the United States in 2001. In 2002, another Award was launched in the United Kingdom.

Continuously adapting to developmentsAs time goes on, the Actuarial Awards are adapted to reflect the changing face of their environment.  In France, the striking complementarity between scientific research (climatic and environmental sciences, life and earth sciences, etc.) and actuarial sciences, prompted SCOR to open the Actuarial Awards to PhD students whose research work pertains to the field of risk management.

Two prizes are awarded:
  • A young actuary's prize rewarding work carried out within the framework of an actuarial diploma.
  • An actuarial science research prize for work carried out within the framework of a PhD thesis in any discipline, but which imperatively deals with risk management.
In Germany, where the Award was limited in the past to papers dealing with Life and Health insurance, the competition has been extended to Non-Life insurance topics and will soon be opened to all German-speaking countries.

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