On November 16, 2016 at the “Museum Ludwig” in Cologne, Frieder Knüpling, Deputy Group Chief Risk officer of SCOR SE and President of the Jury, awarded the prizes for Germany.

The winners were:


Daniela Selch, University Munich, for her thesis entitled:
“A multivariate Cox process with simultaneous jump arrivals and its application in insurance modelling”

Dr. Jochen Wieland, University Ulm, for his thesis entitled:
“Product Design and Capital Efficiency in Participating Life Insurance under Risk Based Solvency Frameworks”

3. Prize
Maria Kiseleva, Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, for her thesis entitled:
“Analysis of a two-stage, regional clustering algorithm using the example of homeowners’ comprehensive insurance”


Each year SCOR rewards the best academic papers in the field of actuarial science with prizes. These prizes are designed to promote actuarial science, to develop and encourage research in this field and to contribute to the improvement of risk knowledge and management. Today, the SCOR prize is recognized in the insurance and reinsurance industries as a measure of competence. The number of applicants this year remained very high in all the participating countries.

The juries are composed of academics and insurance, reinsurance and financial professionals. The winning papers are selected using criteria including an excellent command of actuarial concepts, high-quality analysis instruments, and subjects that could have a practical application in the world of risk management.

Application process
SCOR is a leading global reinsurer.


As in previous years, SCOR DEUTSCHLAND and SCOR GLOBAL LIFE is awarding a prize in 2017 for outstanding work in the field of actuarial science, to promote young German-speaking academics.


In cooperation with the University of Ulm, prizes are awarded for papers on relevant topics concerning product and price development in Life and P&C insurance.


In submitting their work, applicants accept the conditions below. The jury’s decision is final.

Terms of participation
1 - Applicants

The following are eligible to apply: all persons who deal with subjects related to actuarial science in their training or academic or professional activities. SCOR employees and those of its subsidiaries are not entitled to apply. Applications are also closed to former winners of the SCOR Actuarial Prize.

2 - Subject matter

Specialised papers on actuarial questions that are written for a German-speaking university in German or English may be submitted.

3 - Participation procedure

Papers must be submitted in electronic format (PDF). In addition, an abstract totalling three to five pages (in German) must be submitted in electronic format (PDF). The abstract must present the research issue and the resulting findings. A simple report from a university professor is also required.

4 - Abgabe

The paper, abstract and corresponding report must be sent by 30 April 2017 (date as postmark) at the latest, stating the name and postal address of the sender, to the following address:

Herrn Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Zwiesler
Universität Ulm, Sektion Aktuarwissenschaften
D-89069 Ulm

or by email to: mawi.ivw@uni-ulm.de


5 - Prizes

Prizes of a total value of €12,000 are awarded:

• 1st prize - €6,000
• 2nd prize - €4,000
• 3rd prize - €2,000

6 - Sponsors of the prizes

Professor Dr. Denis Kessler
Chairman of the SCOR Group

Professor Dr. Joachim Ebeling
Rector of the University of Ulm

7 - Jury


Submitted papers will be judged by a jury, which decides on the awarding of the prizes through joint consultation.

The jury panel includes:

Executive Secretary:
Associate Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Zwiesler
University of Ulm

Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Albrecher
University of Lausanne

Dr. Frieder Knüpling
Member of the SCOR Executive Committee and a senior manager of SCOR Deutschland, Cologne

Uwe Ludka
CEO of Itzehoer Versicherungen/Brandgilde von 1691 VVag

Dr. Michael Renz
Board Member of the German Association of Actuaries (DAV), Cologne

Prof. Dr. Mogens Steffensen
University of Copenhagen

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Zietsch
Universities of Ulm/Hannover


Dr. Martin Zsohar
Member of the Board of the Münchener Verein insurance group


SCOR DEUTSCHLAND reserves the right to publish the award-winning papers in an appropriate form.









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