Risk management is our speciality. Working with the SCOR Group means belonging to a group for which technical expertise, open-mindedness and people skills are crucial. By joining us, you will become part of a highly skilled international market.ACTUARIES

Actuaries update pricing parameters in accordance with statistical data and assist with underwriting decisions. They also create new products, develop databases and pricing models and are involved in the creation of business plans. As a SCOR actuary, you will significantly broaden your skills set, developing your expertise both in France and internationally. One of our most important career opportunities is the actuary. Challenging positions to fill, these roles blend technical competence, industry knowledge, business savvy, creativity, interpersonal communication skills and self-motivation. For the right individuals, they can be the most rewarding jobs in the world. We have many opportunities for actuaries, including:

  • Marketing Actuary
    The marketing actuary plays a vital and high profile role as we execute growth strategies in a dynamic and challenging risk management environment. Our marketing actuaries are at the forefront of our tactical drive to capitalize on the alignment of client needs and our competencies.
  • Pricing Actuary
    A pricing actuary supports the pricing of our new business, involving risk analysis, building projection models and working with our sales team to customize solutions for our clients. With their deep understanding of the technical side of insurance, our pricing actuaries may also become involved in reviewing and resolving treaty issues to ensure our contracts appropriately reflect our pricing structures.
  • Valuation Actuary
    Our valuation actuaries build and maintain complex actuarial models to support embedded value assumptions, cash flow testing, valuation responsibilities, annual budget projections and other functions. The valuation actuary develops financial projection models for our reinsured business, including traditional life and UL, and validates models to pricing assumptions and to actual experience.
  • The Payoff
    A high performing actuary is recognized and treated as a valuable company asset. In addition to a highly competitive base salary and rewards program, a successful actuary can expect the following:
    - Challenging assignments
    - Close collaboration with senior executives, both internally and with client companies
    - Career growth and development
    - Leadership opportunities in product line, functional and sales management
    Our actuaries create enormous value for our clients and the company while achieving personal goals and aspirations. If this sounds like the kind of place where you’d like to work, we would like to meet you.
Daria,  Actuary:
"I run SCOR's R&D Centre on Longevity and Mortality insurance. Our centre is unique: very few reinsurers have full-time teams dedicated to R&D in mortality and longevity risks. Before joining SCOR I was a researcher with a French national research institute. I always wanted a career involving mathematics – I have a PhD in geometry. I really appreciate the extent of our partnerships with academic researchers, and enjoy attending international conferences in order to keep up-to-date with the latest actuarial and financial research."

Underwriters are responsible for negotiating contract terms and conditions. They have an excellent knowledge of their clients' businesses and of the local markets, which means that they can offer fully tailored solutions. In order to best advise their clients, they also consult Group experts and visit client companies on a regular basis.

Philippe, Underwriter:
“As an underwriter, I have a very comprehensive role that is at once highly technical, legal and commercial. My responsibilities involve risk analysis, contract negotiation and claims settlement. I make risk inspection visits to industrial sites, work on product development, organise technical training programmes and manage support activity. I really like being able to meet so many diverse clients, and enjoy all the teamwork involved”.

Our accounting teams work very closely with SCOR’s underwriters, clients, branches, subsidiaries and hubs. The accountants provide quantitative information and apply the planning and management tools that enable the Group to establish a strategy and monitor its implementation. 

Pascale, Reinsurance accountant:
"Ten months ago I was appointed Treaties Administration Manager in SCOR Global Life's accounting department, in charge of coordinating technical accounting, setting priorities and occasionally leading training programmes. My career path at SCOR has enabled me to occupy a number of different posts. For example, I have managed a team in the Group’s Non-Life branch, worked in the Finance department and helped to establish SCOR’s accountancy data processing tools. I feel very much at home here due to the vast range of products involved and the diversity of the markets in which we do business.”

“Our research centre is unique: very few reinsurers have full-time teams dedicated to R&D”. Sofia, SCOR Actuary.

SCOR’s teams are supported by the Group’s network of in-house specialists, whose high level of expertise is recognised by the markets. In the Life insurance sector, for example, our doctors study the risks attached to certain illnesses, while in the Non-Life sector we consult engineers and experts working in various fields such as agricultural risks, aviation and spatial insurance and loans. SCOR also entrusts its experts with the management of its own risks, notably with regard to natural catastrophe exposure.









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