You can de-activate cookies used on SCOR website by selecting parameters on your web browser.

These parameters allow you to :
- Systematically oppose all cookies or refuse it case by case
- Be notified when cookie is dropped on your computer, and accept it case by case

Please mind that de-activating some cookies will prohibit you to use functions of the SCOR website.

You will find how to access the configuration menu of your browser below:

The ‘Help’ menu of your browser can bring you indications on the subject.

Internet Explorer:
Click on ‘Tools’, and then on ‘Internet option’.
Under ‘General’ section and ‘Browsing history’, click on ‘Setting’.
Click on ‘View the files’.
Click on ‘Name’ to select files beginning by ‘Cookies
Select cookies including ‘SCOR’ that you want deleted. Make a right-click on the selected files and then click on ‘Remove’ .
Close the window and then click 2 times on ‘OK’ to return to your browser.

Click on the section ‘Tools’ of your browser and then select the options menu.
In the window that is displayed, choose ‘Privacy’ and click on ‘View all cookies’.
Detect files including ‘SCOR’. Select the files that you want deleted and click on ‘Remove’.

Google Chrome:
Click on the icon  and then open the parameters menu.
Click on ‘Open the advanced settings’.
In the menu ‘Confidentiality’, click on the section ‘Content parameters’. A window named ‘Content parameters’ will display.
Under the ‘Cookies’ tab, 4 options allows a global management of the cookies.
For a detailed management, click on ‘Manage the exceptions’.
To display the list of the cookies placed on your computer, click on ‘Cookies and website data’. Then you can select SCOR cookies that you want deleted and click the cross on the right of cookies title to remove it.
Click on ‘OK’ to get back your browser.









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