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Director, Marketing Actuary

Job offer

This is a strategic position within the Latin American Region. The incumbent will be responsible for the identification, initial validation, acquisition and maintenance of profitable business in accordance with Company strategy and parameters focused on product development, mass marketing, and financial reinsurance solutions.

About SCOR

SCOR, the 4th largest reinsurer in the world, provides insurance companies with a diversified and innovative range of solutions and services to control and manage risk. Using its experience and expertise (“The Art & Science of Risk”), SCOR provides cutting-edge financial solutions, analytics tools and services in all areas related to risk – in Life & Health insurance (longevity, mortality, LTC, etc.) as well as in P&C insurance (natural catastrophes, agriculture, industry, transport, engineering, etc.).

Key duties and responsibilities

• Responsible for developing and implementing value added strategies and partner with the Regional heads to develop, implement and execute.
• Leads other regional marketing actuaries on the overall business line and where it is important to align client needs to support the traditional business lines
• Responsible for the implementation of client strategies to achieve or exceed planned goals
o Ensure the implementation of the plans agreed between the Corporate Office, Regional office and the local office
o To look for business opportunities in the product development and financial reinsurance arenas, dealing with insurance companies and reinsurance brokers.
o To look for business opportunities in the mass distribution market segment, dealing with insurance brokers and a variety of sponsors, such as retailers, financial institutions, etc
o To manage the mass distribution sales related activities, managing the call center performance, for instance
• Collaborate effectively with the Country Head(s) to ensure that the need of clients for compelling reinsurance solutions is reliably connected with Company’s risk appetite and pricing standards, both within the deal process, and in prior planning activity to position the business for success in its chosen markets.
• Market Company products and services locally (establish and maintain market presence) (build image)
• Develop, cultivate and expand good business relations with clients and prospects with the aim of expanding the market and competitive position.
• Acts as a Deal Manager and/or supports the other regional Marketing Actuaries – by demonstrating a thorough understanding of the sales process and being accountable for the profitable execution of individual transactions. This includes the timely assessment of potential transactions for their “strategic fit”, the active influencing of the negotiation process to ensure that a win-win solution is achievable, and the successful implementation of any won transaction through the new business acquisition process.
• Effectively communicate with clients and all deal support units including pricing, underwriting, operations, and contracts to ensure a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, development of a competitive product or quote that meets our profitability expectations and client’s needs, identification of all risks associated with the transaction, and ensuring that the deal is executed in the time frame required by the client.
• Build and maintain positive professional relationships with the key decision makers within targeted accounts through accompanying the Country Head(s) on planned client visits and conference calls, affiliation with insurance/actuarial associations and other networking activities, and deal negotiations.
• Collaborates with the pricing team to ensure that deal pricing and risk assessment is completed to develop best estimate pricing within client timeline commitments. Ensure that the local market and client intelligence is effectively integrated into the pricing process.
• Other duties as required for the position.

Required experience and Education

• Comfortable managing work commitments across projects and teams to develop priorities that make sense for the business
• Proven ability to influence across a diverse team
• Strong leadership characteristics, including the ability to provide a clear vision, coaching and mentoring toward team members
• Strong stakeholder focus on delivering a solution that works rather than a technical pricing result
• Latin American life product knowledge an advantage
• Four year degree or equivalent experience in Management, Finance, Marketing or related field
• FSA or equivalent experience
• 5+ year experience in insurance/reinsurance business
• Experience in the execution of business plans
• Extensive market experience and market recognition
• Solid team working skills
• Solid interpersonal skills
• Decision maker

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