INFORMATION RELATING TO ARTICLES 221-1 ET SEQ. AND 241-1 ET SEQ. OF THE GENERAL REGULATION OF THE FRENCH FINANCIAL MARKETS AUTHORITY (AUTORITE DES MARCHES FINANCIERS)Date of the Shareholders' General Meeting which is required to authorized the 2017-2018 share repurchase program

It is reminded, if needs be, that the Shareholders' General Meeting of SCOR SE (hereinafter the “Company”) held on April 27th, 2016 authorized, in its 8th resolution, the Company's Board of Directors to carry out transactions on the shares of the Company in the framework of the 2016-2017 Share Repurchase Program, the principal characteristics of which have been defined in the description posted on the Company’s website and released via the Company’s professional information provider on April 27, 2016.

In its 12th resolution, the Company’s General Shareholder’s Meeting of April 27th, 2017 authorized the Company's Board of Directors, with the power to sub-delegate, to trade the shares of the Company through the framework of the "2017-2018 Annual Share Repurchase Program", the principal characteristics of which are set out below.


Breakdown by objective of the capital securities held as of March 31, 2017SCOR SE holds, as of March 31, 2017, 6,659,255 treasury ordinary shares of EUR 7.8769723 nominal value (hereinafter the “Shares”) representing 3.45% of its share capital.


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