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Timber Construction – a rapidly growing sector

Timber construction, particularly for high-rise buildings, has multiplied in recent years. SCOR devotes its latest Focus publication to the technical questions insurers should be asking (this publication is in French only).

To the surprise of insurers, high-rise timber constructions have multiplied recently – the landscapes of many countries now feature structures with 15, 20 and up to 22 stories, such as those in British Columbia in Canada. 
As an insurer, and especially in the field of inherent defects insurance, we know how crucial it is to ensure that the techniques used for timber construction are reliable. The newness of the sector raises several technical questions: how do you assess the risk of a 20-storey building? How do you determine the scale of these works? What are the positive and the negative points to monitor? We also have to consider aspects such as the sustainability and fire resistance of wood.