Life insurers share a common interest with their customers, to drive changes in habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.
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Published in the online journal Remote Sensing, the paper proposes a way to ensure that climate data users have access to quality-assured data. SCOR Cat Risk Analyst Iakovos Barmpadimos explains.
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At the 2019 SCOR Annual Conference, André Chieng, CEO of AEC, used the example of the Sino-American trade war to illustrate the intricacies of interrelationships in today’s interconnected world.
Life insurance products have an important role to play in supporting consumers’ dreams and aspirations as well as in mitigating their worst nightmares. However, with so many competing demands on consumers’ hard-earned cash, insurers face the perennial challenge of convincing a sceptical public of the need for cover.
A weather analysis of China’s agricultural production risk
E.g., 21/11/2019
E.g., 21/11/2019
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Alexander Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin in 1928 marked one of the proudest achievements of 20th Century medicine. A decade of R&D later and suddenly mankind had the ability to fight a whole class of diseases. However, there is a concern that the protection offered through antibiotics is starting to fall apart.
For a few years now, France has seen a wave of entrepreneurship that constitutes without doubt the only reason for optimism – and satisfaction – in this more than mediocre economic and social climate. The new generations are increasingly choosing the path of business creation, as demonstrated by the number of start-ups, the multiplication of projects and the increase in success stories.
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