Technology is currently transforming the insurance and reinsurance industry. How is it shaping the future of Life & Health (re)insurance?
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The SCOR Rendez-Vous, combining the best of the SCOR Lounge and our traditional Annual Conference, came to a close at the end of last week.
This paper underlines the fact that data is a fundamental asset for insurance undertakings, in particular to support informed decisions during challenging times.
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Those who have recovered from the COVID-19 virus remain vulnerable to long-term after-effects which increase morbidity and heighten mortality risk. While experience with other Coronavirus outbreaks provides insight into the post-COVID-19 health threats, including psychological issues, patients should be monitored on an ongoing basis.
Haven Secure is a decreasing term product designed to provide an easy-to-manage monthly death benefit that’s equal to the policyholder’s salary or a particular expense that a family needs to cover, like a mortgage, rent or even student loans.
E.g., 25/09/2020
E.g., 25/09/2020
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Régis Bettinger, Quantitative Financial Risk Analyst at SCOR, Michel Dacorogna (DEAR-Consulting, former SCOR Scientific Advisor) and Jeta Limani (former SCOR trainee), have written a SCOR Paper on the benefits of diversification in reinsurance portfolios.
At SCOR’s Life & Health division in the Americas, Mary Bahna-Nolan, Executive Vice President, Head of Life R&D, and David Wylde, Director, Actuary - Experience Analysis, analyze the latest release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding current trends in US population mortality. They compare the data with SCOR’s portfolio, and discuss the differences between the country’s insured population and the general population.
Rick Pretty (Senior Vice President, Deputy Head of Life R&D for the Life & Health division of SCOR in the Americas) describes how SCOR’s R&D teams can help to make underwriting more efficient through the comprehensive and dedicated analysis of data sources.
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