The ILS market has matured and is reaping the benefits of its counter-cyclical nature
China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore are joining the global InsurTech solution
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Maintaining a good quality of life with the disease requires early detection and appropriate treatment
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In this interview, Antoine LY, Head of Data Science at SCOR Global Life, illustrates how text mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP), benefit insurers and the insured through the policy lifecycle and how partnering with a powerful data science team rooted in the reinsurance business is the right choice for insurers looking to leverage this technology.
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A recent SCOR publication issued from our team in South East Asia (SEA) raised an important question concerning the relevance of our current CI standard practices. In short, without including ICU coverage, especially in the age of COVID, are we keeping pace with the needs of consumers? While the article below cites case examples from the SEA Market, where the study was conducted, we believe the topic to be universally relevant for all markets, and worthy of broad consideration.
E.g., 06/12/2020
E.g., 06/12/2020
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A new SCOR publication looks at the rising threat of ransomware and how risk management, cyber security and cyber insurance can help.
Climate variability, the increased frequency and severity of certain extreme events, and the growing vulnerability of modern societies to natural hazards have thrown down the gauntlet, challenging us to adapt to climate change. Tackling and addressing the associated risks is a global and shared responsibility.
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