SCOR’s HR policy integrates the specific features of the reinsurance business, strenghening the skills and expertise required in this industry. SCOR has thus established long-term partnerships with universities and renowned schools, research centers, expert associations, thereby globalizing the scope of its reinsurance-related exchanges. These partnerships include the University of Waterloo in Canada, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, Queens University Belfast in Ireland, the Universities of Ulm and Leipzig in Germany, St. John’s University in New York, and the ESA Business School in Paris.


Actuaries update pricing parameters in accordance with statistical data and assist with underwriting decisions. They also create new products, develop databases and pricing models and are involved in the creation of business plans. As a SCOR actuary, you will significantly broaden your skills set, with many opportunities for international development. Becoming an actuary with the Group represents a particularly stimulating career opportunity. These roles blend technical competence, excellent knowledge of the industry and the different activities involved, creativity, interpersonal communication skills and self-motivation. For the right individuals, SCOR has numerous job opportunities. 


Brona Magee

Life & Health Chief Actuary




Underwriters are responsible for negotiating contract terms and conditions. They have an excellent knowledge of their clients' businesses and of the local markets, which means that they can offer fully tailored solutions. In order to best advise their clients, they also consult Group experts and visit client companies (our cedants) on a regular basis.



Lily Song

P&C Treaty Underwriting Manager



Marie Fayet

Senior Onshore Energy Underwriter




ERM, which means “Enterprise Risk Management”, is particularly important for an international reinsurer like SCOR. We underwrite risks in virtually every country throughout the world. We assume a very wide range of different types of risks, including mortality, morbidity, property, casualty, and all the risks that come with managing an asset portfolio.




Wayne Ratcliffe

Head of Group Risk Management

Our reinsurance experts

SCOR’s teams are supported by the Group’s network of in-house specialists, whose high level of expertise is recognised by the markets. In the Life insurance sector, for example, our doctors study the risks attached to certain illnesses, while in the Non-Life sector we consult engineers and experts working in various fields such as agricultural risks, aviation and loans. SCOR also entrusts its experts with the management of its own risks, notably with regard to natural catastrophe exposure.



Paul Nunn

Head of Natural Catastrophe Risk Modelling