SCOR’s highly experienced teams of Life & Health experts and professionals are dedicated to providing clients with innovative approaches and solutions to help them succeed in their diverse markets worldwide. Best-in-class underwriting, claims management and product development are at the core of our multi-faceted service offering. We also develop and encourage ongoing research in actuarial science, to contribute to the improvement of risk knowledge and risk management through our established R&D centers across the globe.


Underwriting and Claims Management

Our Life & Health Business Unit ’s underwriting experts help clients to make the most effective risk decisions in their underwriting of applicants, with strong selection strategies in medical, non-medical and financial fields. SCOR’s risk management and claims services experts work with clients to help identify high risk levels, spot substandard risks, determine the conditions under which to accept certain risks, and limit adverse selection.


SOLEM, a comprehensive underwriting and claims guide developed by SCOR, is helping our clients throughout the world to better assess medical, occupational, sports, financial, residence and travel-related risks. It also has a section devoted to claims management. It includes guidelines for a large range of different insurance products such as Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long-Term Care and Medical Expenses, with easy-to-understand rating tables.



Click here to read our SOLEM Brochure


Product Development

SCOR has a long track record and proven expertise in helping insurers to develop, price and launch new Life insurance products.

With extensive knowledge of local markets and a global presence, SCOR works closely with its clients to develop innovative products for their markets covering Mortality and all key risks, such as Disability, Critical Illness, Long-Term Care, Personal Accident and Medical Expenses. 

Recently, SCOR created the Biological Age Model, which is using wearable data to empower healthier lives. For more information click here


Innovation and Research

SCOR's Life and Health Business Unit constantly strives to enhance its understanding and knowledge of risks in its 7 R&D centers spread across 6 cities: Paris, Dublin, Cologne, Singapore, Charlotte and Kansas City.
Each R&D center is dedicated to a specific biometric risk such as Mortality, Critical Illness, Disability, Long-Term Care, Medical Expenses and Longevity, or to a key driver such as policyholder behavior, medical underwriting and claims management.


SCOR promotes research through R&D centers located across different continents



The R&D centers have established partnerships with top researchers and academic institutions recognized as authorities in their given fields. These partnerships enable the R&D centers to utilize a wide range of expertise, thereby enhancing our risk assessment capabilities.


A selection of our past and current partnerships:


Assmann Foundation, Germany Cardiovascular disease
Prof. Brigitte Autran - Pierre & Marie Curie Université, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hôpital, France Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) research
Dr. James W. Vaupel - Max Planck Institute & Odense Center, Germany Demographic research, biodemography for ageing
Prof. Michel Denuit - Université Catholique de Louvain et REACFIN SA, Belgium Actuarial modelling
French National Institute of Health and Medical Research Exploring results of longitudinal survey on ageing and related long-term care risk pathologies
ERASMUS University, Netherlands Impact of cancer screening programs on cancer detection
IFRAD (Association pour Alzheimer research), Switzerland Alzheimer's disease
University of California, Berkeley, U.S.

Data collection and retreatment for Human Mortality database

French National Demographic Institute Old age mortality


Our R&D centers share some of their findings through publications and seminars on current topics such as cancer screening, HIV infection and breast cancer.