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Pricing Actuary

Job offer

The Pricing Actuary is responsible for completing the key transactional processes associated with pricing a deal, developing and maintaining strong relationships with the deal team, and completing the peer review associated with pricing a deal, including pricing model reviews and reviews of assumptions set by other Pricing Actuaries.

About SCOR

SCOR is the 4th largest Reinsurance Company worldwide, following a profit-driven underwriting policy and practising selectively across all branches of reinsurance. Our specialist teams operate in over 120 countries, developing value added and innovative products and services and making long-term commitments to their clients, namely insurers and large corporations.
The Group’s strategy is based on a development model driven by three entities: SCOR Global P&C (Property and Casualty reinsurance), SCOR Global Life (Life reinsurance), and SCOR Global Investments (asset management).

Key duties and responsibilities

Key duties and responsibilities
• Key transactional pricing accountabilities include: 
• Client experience and mortality assessment 
• Pricing assumption setting 
• Optimal product and deal structure 
• Identification and quantification of risks in the proposed transaction and identification of mitigating structures or strategies 
• Model projections 
• Present and obtain approval at Assumption Review and Business Review meetings 
• Interface with client to understand information sent as part of the RFP package and request additional information 
• Develop and maintain strong partnership with marketing actuary, account executive, and client 
• Own at least one area of retail product pricing expertise to assist with knowledge management and client support 
• Participate in or lead project assignments such as assumption revisions, new legal entity and deal structures, and product development. 
• Support basic research around automated underwriting utilizing electronic data. 
• Peer review of pricing analyst, technician, and assistant pricing actuary workflows which includes: 
• Model and assumptions used for new business quotes. 
• All supporting materials and studies used in Pricing Committee and Business Review packages 
• Project and analytical studies to support pricing assumptions 
• Peer review of assumptions and documentation prepared by other Pricing Actuaries 
• Assist other departments on various corporate projection work (e.g., budget projections, VNB, etc.) 
• Communicate effectively with pricing, marketing, product and senior management staff on deal status, expectations, strategy, and pricing assumptions. 
• Prepare and maintain workflow and pricing assumption documentation to satisfy all customers of the pricing process (Sales, Actuarial, Financial, Operations) 
• Work with Life Pricing Team, Product Area and Sales Team to continually improve pricing processes with respect to both quality and efficiency 
• May perform other duties as required

Required experience and Education

• At least 5 years of life actuarial experience, including two years or more in a pricing and product development role; reinsurance industry experience preferred
• Solid analytical skills with strong problem solving ability.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
• Highly motivated self-starter
• Project experience desirable
• Must be able to work effectively independently and as part of a team.
• Proficiency in one or more life actuarial pricing systems 
Personal Competencies:
Creativity/Innovation - Proposes/develops new solutions and new functioning modes.
Awareness of Market Evolutions - Is connected to his/her market/field of expertise, to his/her business evolutions and/or new technologies.
Problem Solving - Identifies and analyses issues, proposes and rolls out relevant solutions after appropriate approvals.
Communication - Knows how and when to develop/sustain a message and/or an idea (speaking and writing), uses the right tools to present information.
Resilience - Demonstrates an ability to step back when facing difficult situations and to bounce back after a failure.
Decision Making - Makes decisions and/or rolls out the decisions taking into account all available information.
Accountability - Alerts, raises the critical points when needed, shoulders and corrects his/her decisions and shows responsibility regarding cost management.
Reliability - Checks his/her work, challenges the solution before submitting it on time and identifies/corrects the mistakes if needed.
Commitment - Makes effort to bring his/her skills and uses his/her expertise to contribute to the success of the Group.
Open Mindedness - Is interested in projects and activities beyond his/her classical scope.
Curiosity - Demonstrates an appetite for learning and developing his/her-self in his/her field of expertise, can develop new practices and methods in relation with his/her day-to-day work.
Leadership - Demonstrates a capacity to drive positively, to convince, to federate around common purpose and to move the teams forward and acts as a role model.
Team Spirit - Helps his/her colleagues and facilitates working relationships seeking the consensus.
Feedback - Gives and takes into consideration constructive remarks, with his/her management, peers, clients and employees.
Flexibility - Adapts to change and shows reactivity to make the best of it.
Required Education:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance or Accounting or equivalent combination of education and experience.
• FSA and/or FCIA designation required


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