Our products and services are designed to improve the value of our clients’ life insurance product portfolios with reinsurance arrangements to help clients manage risk and strengthen capital positions. Customized product solutions with built-in reinsurance support built in are available for both fully underwritten business and lower face amount, non-medically underwritten business.

Our products and services include:



Risk Management
Our primary purpose is to create value for your company through the innovative use of our risk and capital management capabilities. In addition to automatic reinsurance arrangements and facultative underwriting capacity, we offer a portfolio of high-value solutions that enable companies to reach new markets, price products more competitively and earn better returns.


Mortality Expertise
Our clients value our expertise in mortality, which we consider to be the biggest factor affecting life insurance pricing and profitability. Our ability to assess and stratify mortality and persistency risk is essential to providing the best possible reinsurance solutions, whether we’re pricing reinsurance programs, helping clients manage portfolio risks or developing new retail products. Access to mortality data from numerous sources including our own large, diverse pool of mortality risk provides business intelligence that is difficult to replicate even for the largest companies. Integrated into our pricing are the findings of multiple mortality studies including authorized industry studies, in-house research and experience as well as client experience.


Valuation Expertise
By investing in valuation and financing expertise plus multi-jurisdictional facilities and other resources needed to access capital markets, we are positioned to help life insurers execute high value, sustainable reserve management solutions. We have participated in the completion of multiple structured financing programs to provide reserve funding capacity for our clients, through which we have gained valuable knowledge and experience about what works, what doesn’t and the myriad of issues involved in accessing capital markets.


Underwriting & Medical Research
Our facultative underwriting staff represents many decades of combined experience in the art of underwriting complex cases. Our Underwriting Standards team has developed unique programs to deliver highly accurate mortality pricing assessments. Our solution for “non-medical” business combines reinsurance, product development and a state-of-the-art proprietary underwriting engine – VELOGICA® – to provide a real time “instant” underwriting decision using information on the life application, motor vehicle reports, MIB reports and prescription drug history. Our Medical Research & Development team analyzes new opportunities in products and markets and advises internal and external clients on the mortality of specific impairments and the use of underwriting tools.


Mortality Management
A customized solution for fully underwritten business with built-in reinsurance support helps a company looking to enter, re-enter or expand their traditional term life business. The combination of pricing, risk selection, product management expertise and a best practice underwriting environment can produce a term program with more competitive rates and better returns. This underwriting environment features a technology platform and processing framework that improves underwriting control while enabling operational efficiency and speed. Implemented for straight-through processing.


Group Reinsurance
We offer a wide variety of group reinsurance products and services to solve our customers’ many unique business challenges. We can tailor any of these products to fit an insurer’s specific needs for risk management. Our customers appreciate our hands-on approach to minimizing their risk, as well as their costs. Our products include Group Life and AD&D Reinsurance, Personal Accident Reinsurance, AD Carve Out Reinsurance, Bulk ADB Reinsurance.


For more information
Our US-based client teams are led by the Account Executives listed below. If you are unsure which team to contact, please call our Sales office at +1 704.344.2771, and we will direct your inquiry to the appropriate client team.


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Individual Life



Deputy CEO, Life Reinsurance
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Regional Vice President,
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Regional Vice President,
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  Gretchen JOHNSON
Regional Vice President,
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Regional Vice President,
+1 704 344 2767

Group Reinsurance
Senior Vice President,
Group Reinsurance & Sales
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  Steve DVORAK
Vice President,
Group Reinsurance Marketing & Underwriting
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Vice President,
Group Reinsurance Marketing & Underwriting
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Vice President,
Group Reinsurance Marketing & Underwriting
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Group Reinsurance Actuary

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