The creation of the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science is part of the Group’s long-term commitment to risk research and the dissemination of risk-related knowledge. This involvement is an integral part of SCOR’s identity, which is why the Group chose to focus its Corporate Foundation on this field.


Over the years, SCOR has developed a number of partnerships with universities. Risk is in a sense the “raw material” of insurance and reinsurance, and SCOR aims to be at the cutting edge of risk expertise and research. A large number of disciplines are involved: mathematics, actuarial, physics, chemistry, geophysics, climatology, sociology, law, economics, finance, etc.


The creation of the SCOR Global Risk Center at the end of 2010 bears witness to this desire to develop expertise and support research in these fields, as well as the desire to make this risk knowledge and SCOR’s work in the field available to as large a public as possible.


SCOR has already implemented a number of actions throughout the world that involve its offices and its teams in the life of the local community. SCOR’s Corporate Foundation therefore reinforces and adds to the Group’s CSR policy, and is also designed to work alongside existing initiatives and encourage their development.











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