remark_logo Remark is a global direct marketing and consultancy company providing end-to-end marketing and technology solutions to create maximum value for clients and partners.

ReMark helps insurers, financial institutions and affiliated organisations to acquire, grow and retain profitable customers.

By acting in synergy with ReMark, SCOR Global Life has enhanced and expanded its distribution services, creating value for its clients throughout the world.

Worldwide presence through ReMark and SCOR Global Life networks

Adaptability to the markets: exploring emerging markets or expanding business in mature markets.

Customer-oriented activities: ReMark offers services such as data modeling, marketing conceptualization, program design, project execution and policy administration, all of which creates value for its business partners.

Long-term commitment: one major advantage of ReMark’s business model is that it can rely on SCOR for front-end financing to ensure long term success.









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