SCOR Campus

For more than 40 years, our SCOR Campus training programme has been dedicated to supporting and assisting the development of our clients throughout the world. With a view to creating and maintaining sustainable business relationships, we offer our commercial partners themed seminars and conferences.
First SCOR Campus seminar in 1972 in Paris Around 30 SCOR Campus worldwide each year An average of 30 participants per session to ensure high quality

WHY join the SCOR Campus Community?


Receive professional training from SCOR experts, with a limited number of participants to ensure interactive sessions (practical exercises, sharing of experience, etc.)


Share your own experience and network with other professionals, both from SCOR and other companies/countries

WHO can register for a SCOR Campus?

  • Priority is given to our clients
  • One to two people per cedant per session for Paris and Zurich seminars
  • We deliver several different types of trainings
    • reinsurance techniques, product development, operational and strategic issues
    • for junior to senior profiles
    • for underwriters, actuaries, reinsurance managers…
  • Make sure you choose the most appropriate one for you!

FIND your SCOR Campus on the dedicated extranet

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  • "It's one of the best training courses I ever attended" - Kuwait
  • "Don't change anything!" - France
  • "I learned more than I expected" - China
  • "It was FANTASTIC!" - Pakistan
  • "Excellent seminar, you can't find that in any book or publication" - Algeria
  • "Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge" - Georgia
  • "Venue marvellous, never had one like it" - The Netherlands
  • "Every detail revealed the high professionalism of SCOR" - Israel
  • "Very informative and useful trainings" - Azerbaijan
  • "Very impressed with the range of delegates and the huge representation of nationalities" - UK
  • "A good opportunity to see SCOR's strength in the field" - South Korea
  • "The planning was excellent. A big thank you for making it happen!" - Greece
  • "Excellent organization, interesting subjects, exquisite food" - Chile
  • "The whole Campus was just great" - Lebanon
  • "SCOR Campus is the place to be" - Cameroon


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The “SCOR touch”:

An astute mix of expert training and social networking









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