SCOR Business Solutions is exclusively dedicated to large corporate and industrial risks, providing Property, Casualty, Engineering, and captive risk transfer solutions on a global basis.


SCOR Business Solutions has been continuously and successfully operating and delivering for more than 45 years. With its consistent market presence and wealth of experience, SCOR Business Solutions has established leadership as a globally recognized franchise.


We are committed to providing (re)insurance solutions for complex risks faced by Energy, Natural Resources, Industrial and Commercial companies around the world.


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13% of SCOR Global P&C's business
90 specialised underwriters
14 underwriting or marketing centres
2,000 active insured clients
9% premium growth per annum over the last 5 years


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Corporate Property & Casualty

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Energy & Natural Resources - Casualty 


Energy & Natural Resources [EN]

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Offshore Energy [EN]

Power Operations [EN]
Mining [EN]

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