An integrated business model with a matrix structure combining proximity to clients and transverse functions

General Management
Victor Peignet
Central Transverse Functions
Treaty P&C
Umberto Gavazzi
Speciality Lines & Business Solutions
Benjamin Gentsch
Actuarial pricing
Tony Neghaiwi
Administration & Finance
Christian Delannes
Doug Lacoss
Claims Management
Stuart Willoughby
Legal Services Operations
Risk Management
Daniel Theben
Risk modelling
& Global Natural Hazards
Paul Nunn
Strategy & Development
Adrian Jones
Underwriting Management
Sylvie Van Viet
John Jenkins
Michel Blanc
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Laurent Rousseau
Speciality Lines 1
Paul Hertelendy
Speciality Lines 2
Benjamin Gentsch
Lloyd's Operations
David Reed / Charlie Bartlett
Business Solutions
Rachel Conran

Nine functions in the matrix structure, common to Treaty P&C, Business Solutions & Specialty Lines, for a cohesive approach to decision-making and facilitating cross-fertilization on organization methods and processes.

Treaty P&C

Proportional and Non proportional Property, Casualty, Motor and other non specialty lines of business

Actuarial pricing

To ensure efficiency at the foundation of sustainable technical profitability, with more than 50 professionals

Administration & Finance

To develop, consolidate and monitor operations from a single dash board control centre, through a centralised business management system that integrates planning, budgeting and results. Its guarantees the consistency of technical accounting practices throughout the organisation.

Claims & Commutations

To provide the operational business units with professional claims services and conducts a proactive management of assumed and retroceded portfolios for commutations.

Risk Management

To identify systematically and comprehensively critical risks, key in the everyday aspects of decision-making at SCOR Global P&C. It aims at, quantifying their impact and implementing integrated risk control and mitigation strategies

Risk modelling & Global Natural Hazard

To provide globally consistent natural catastrophe risk analyses and pricing support through state-of-the-art modelling platforms and systems. It delivers timely and reliable data for SCOR Global P&C to effectively manage its risk exposures and accumulations.

Strategy & Development

To support our global and multi-domestic business operations with a coordinated interface to SCOR Group functions, in operational marketing, strategic planning, monitoring and reporting of business activity and market research and analysis.

Underwriting Management

To coordinate the interactions between SCOR Group Risk Management and SCOR Global P&C operations and facilitate the intra-disciplinary process amongst Underwriters, Practice Leaders, Pricing Actuaries and Modelers. It provides the basis for a consistent and coherent approach to the underwriting process, ensuring the delivery of our global experience and knowledge to clients around the world.

Speciality Lines 1

Agriculture, Engineering, Marine, Cat driven US mainland nationwide business

Speciality Lines 2

Aviation, Credit & Surety, Inherent Defects Insurance, Space, Structured Risk Transfer

London based Joint-Ventures

London Joint-Ventures (MDU, Lloyd’s), Contingency

Business Solutions

Natural Resources, Industrial & Commercial Risks, Alternative Risk Financing

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