SCOR Life & Health Ventures

Creating a community of trusted partners to service SCOR Global Life’s clients


About SCOR Life & Health Ventures

 “SCOR Life & Health Ventures” does targeted strategic partnerships and investments in companies that can bring a complementary and differentiating offering to SCOR Global Life’s value proposition.



Our Mission & Strategy

SCOR Life & Health Ventures’ mission is to develop a community of trusted partners to service SCOR Global Life’s clients, leveraging technology in an evolving life insurance environment. These strategic partnerships and investment help SCOR Global Life and its clients to create additional value for existing policyholders and to develop innovative life insurance offerings by: 

  • Increasing consumer engagement through health and wellness offerings;
  • Improving health & wellness of policyholders by empowering them with their health;
  • Enhancing the underwriting process through the use of new data sources and predictive models;
  • Enabling digital distribution by supporting distribution professionals and implementing direct-to-consumer offerings for Life insurers;
  • Developing tailored solutions addressing specific client needs from the sales process to claims management.

Our Life & Health insurance expertise and footprint

SCOR Global Life is a global Tier 1 Life reinsurer with deep biometric risk expertise and longstanding relationships with leading insurers throughout the world. Through its underwriting and claims management knowledge, its product development capabilities and its strong focus on innovation and research, SCOR Global Life builds partnerships with its insurance clients and start-up companies to bring innovative solutions and complementary offerings to consumers. SCOR Global Life’s 1,100 professionals serve over 2,000 insurance clients in 80 countries through a broad network of 29 offices. 


SCOR Global Life has a complete offering of Risk Solutions for both individuals & Groups (Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long-Term Care, Personal Accident & Medical, and Credit products), as well as providing Financial, Longevity and Distribution Solutions through its ReMark and Rehalto subsidiaries and its Velogica offering.



Why partner with SCOR Life & Health Ventures?

Through SCOR Life & Health Ventures, SCOR Global Life reinforces its commitment to innovation at the service of its clients, providing financing capacity and partnering with innovative companies. Leveraging SCOR Global Life’s deep expertise and its long term client relationships, SCOR Life & Health Ventures aims at being a partner of choice for startup companies, in order to bring differentiated and innovative solutions to its insurance clients and their consumers. 

Who we are

SCOR Life & Health Ventures is fully integrated into the business, allowing us to form partnerships throughout SCOR’s global business and draw upon the expertise of SCOR Global Investments and SCOR Global P&C.



Brona Magee holds a Bachelor of Actuarial and Financial Studies degree from University College Dublin. From 2006 to 2011 she worked for Transamerica International Reinsurance Ireland, which was acquired by SCOR in 2011. She became CFO for SCOR Global Life Reinsurance Ireland from 2011 to 2013. Brona moved to Charlotte USA to take the position of CFO - Americas at SCOR Global Life in 2013 and in 2015 was promoted to Deputy CEO – Americas. In February 2017 she became Chief Actuary for SCOR Global Life and was appointed Head of Client Solutions in November 2017. Brona is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland.


As the Head of Life and Health Ventures since March 2020, Bernd Müller is responsible for SCOR Global Life’s innovation efforts globally, fostering and procuring technological innovation for all the division’s team. As part of his role, he is deeply connected to the insurtech ecosystem, searching for innovative and disruptive healthtech to invest in, or to partner with. 
Before joining this role, Bernd Müller was Head of Protection Business, of SCOR Global Life, responsible for the business development in Austria and CEE. 
After studies in International Marketing and Advisory on Financial Products, Bernd was a Country Manager at MunichRe subsidiaries DKV and ERGO International. He then worked as a Senior Consultant at HDI/ Talanx and was appointed Senior Manager at Aon Risk Solutions.
Bernd has 15+ years of experience in the insurance industry.




Since early 2019, Richard is the SVP Strategic Partnerships and leads the team developing new client solutions which are focused on helping end consumers get relevant protection offerings. His team is also responsible for orchestrating important partnerships to contribute to SCOR's growing ecosytem. As part of his role, he also oversees client marketing and communities. Prior to this role, he was the Managing Director of North America and Europe (including Velogica Europe) at ReMark International, an insurtech consultancy business wholly owned by SCOR Global Life.
After completing an MBA in Finance from the University of Leicester, UK in 2007, Richard joined ReMark Canada in 2008 as Vice President of Client Services. He then moved to Europe, living in the Netherlands and France, initially developing ReMark's business in Southern Europe. Richard was then promoted to head ReMark's business in Latin America and continental Europe. Expanding his role to include the North American operations as well, he took on the managing director role for those markets. 
Richard has nearly 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution in the insurance sector and is a frequent speaker and committee participant at various industry conferences about a variety of topics (distribution, consumer behavior, legislation, emerging technologies and others).


Our selected strategic partnerships and investments

Adviser Connect formed an exclusive partnership with SCOR Global Life in 2016 to provide a best-in-class underwriting solution, Velogica, to SCOR Global Life’s customers in Asia.


By combining SCOR Global Life’s underwriting expertise and reinsurance services with Adviser Connect’s software solutions, Life insurers have access to leading-edge technology with the power to process large volumes of business more efficiently. Insurers can expect greater in-depth analysis of their business data and processes and improved customer and adviser interfaces to drive ambitious business growth.


SCOR Global Life and Adviser Connect have assembled a team of more than 60 client and technical experts with platform knowledge, software expertise and underwriting skills to work with clients to produce solutions that meet their specific requirements.

100Plus develops connected medical devices that collect and send physiological data directly to physicians for review, without any configuration of mobile connection needed from the patient. Through 100Plus web-based data storage portal, physicians can then review the data and adjust treatments accordingly. This service enables seniors with chronic conditions and no or low knowledge of IoT to monitor their conditions and to be followed closely by their doctors.

BioSerenity’s vision is extend life and to improve quality of life for patients suffering from chronic conditions, leveraging new technology to build personalized data-driven care plans.


BioSerenity’s devices are textile based (T-shirts, head caps, pants) with embedded sensors & electronics and connectivity to automatically & continuously capture biometric data relevant to the diagnosis or monitoring of targeted groups of chronic conditions: neurology, sleep disorders, cardiology and urology.

Understanding the importance of wearable data in influencing the way people live, SCOR Global Life developed and launched a new underwriting tool, the Biological Age Model (BAM), to empower consumers to make better informed lifestyle choices.


Through this new collaboration with Garmin Health, SCOR Global Life will enhance BAM by analyzing health metrics generated by Garmin wearables. Insurers will now have a more accurate assessment of an individual’s biological age, minimizing their risk and purchase cycles while delivering competitive pricing. This collaboration boosts BAM’s adaptability for diverse markets, helps SCOR Global Life pave the way for the future of continuous underwriting and strengthens SCOR’s dedication to delivering a positive impact to people’s health. BAM offers policyholders whose biological age is lower than their chronological age incentives such as premium discounts, health and wellness coaching, and rewards.

Human API develops an app that aggregates health data, standardizes it and provides it to the user once consolidated in an app, to track his health and provide it to any service provider through APIs (Application Programming Interface: essentially a “door” for external users to retrieve information/data in a standardized way).


The user is at the center of Human API approach, empowering him with data and enabling him to share it once structured.

Verisk, a leading data analytics provider, is developing its new automated medical underwriting engine for life insurance in collaboration with SCOR. Verisk’s revolutionary tool will use artificial intelligence to help life insurers ingest and interpret electronic heath records for real-time underwriting decisions.


The new underwriting engine will pull records from EHR providers and apply machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to analyze both the structured and unstructured data in those records.