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SCOR Life & Health Ventures focuses on life as the most precious value. We invest and partner with game-changing companies that can bring a complementary and differentiating offering to SCOR Life & Health’s value proposition, solving real problems with innovative solutions. 

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You can contact the SCOR Life & Health Ventures team to explore how to partner with us or join our portfolio. Please submit an overview of your business, a pitch deck, or details of why you believe SCOR would be a valuable partner.


Our Mission and Strategy

The mission of SCOR Life & Health Ventures is to develop an ecosystem of trusted innovation partners to develop SCOR Life & Health’s value proposition internally and externally, leveraging technology in an evolving Life insurance environment. These strategic partnerships and investments help SCOR Life & Health and its clients to create additional value for existing policyholders and to develop innovative Life insurance offerings.

Our strategic investment approach is stage-agnostic without geographic limitations, focused on series A and above but open to other stages. Our portfolio includes high-growth, unique and scalable solutions.

Our mission includes:

  • Increasing consumer engagement through health & wellness offerings
  • Improving the health & wellness of policyholders by empowering them with their health
  • Developing tailored solutions addressing specific client needs, from the sales process to claims management
  • Enhancing the underwriting process through the use of new data sources and predictive models
  • Enabling digital distribution by supporting distribution professionals and implementing direct-to-consumer offerings for Life insurers
  • Supporting the development of business processes and automation at enterprise level for SCOR and Life insurers

Our Life & Health Insurance Expertise and Footprint

SCOR Life & Health is a Tier 1 Life reinsurer, with deep biometric risk expertise and longstanding relationships with leading insurers throughout the world. SCOR Life & Health builds partnerships with innovative companies to bring cutting-edge solutions and complementary offerings to insurance companies and policyholders. Through underwriting and claims management knowledge, SCOR Life & Health's product development capabilities and strong focus on research and innovation serve over 2,000 insurance clients in 80 countries, via a broad network of 29 offices.


Who we are


Brona MageeBrona Magee holds a Bachelor of Actuarial and Financial Studies degree from University College Dublin. From 2006 to 2011 she worked for Transamerica International Reinsurance Ireland, which was acquired by SCOR in 2011. She was CFO for SCOR Global Life Reinsurance Ireland from 2011 to 2013.

In 2013 Brona moved to Charlotte, USA to take up the position of CFO - Americas at SCOR Global Life, and in 2015 she was promoted to Deputy CEO – Americas. In February 2017 she became Chief Actuary for SCOR Global Life and in November 2017 she was appointed Head of Client Solutions. Since September 2018, Brona has been Deputy CEO of SCOR Global Life and a member of SCOR’s Executive Committee.

She is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland.

Bernd MuellerAs the Head of Life & Health Ventures since March 2020, Bernd Müller is responsible for SCOR Global Life’s innovation efforts globally, fostering and procuring technological innovation for the entire business unit. As part of his role, he is deeply connected to the InsurTech ecosystem, searching for innovative and disruptive HealthTech to invest in, or to partner with. Before taking up this role, Bernd Müller was Head of Protection Business at SCOR Global Life, responsible for business development in Austria and in Central and Eastern Europe. After studies in International Marketing and Financial Product Advisory Services, Bernd was a Country Manager at MunichRe subsidiaries DKV and ERGO International. He then worked as a Senior Consultant at HDI/Talanx and was appointed Senior Manager at Aon Risk Solutions. Bernd has more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry.


Richard De SusaRichard has been the SVP for Strategic Partnerships since early 2019, and leads the team developing new client solutions to provide end consumers with relevant protection offerings. His team is also responsible for orchestrating key partnerships to contribute to SCOR's growing ecosystem. As part of his role, Richard also oversees client marketing and communities. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director of North America and Europe (including Velogica Europe) at ReMark International, an InsurTech consultancy business wholly owned by SCOR Global Life. After completing an MBA in Finance from the University of Leicester, UK in 2007, Richard joined ReMark Canada in 2008 as Vice President of Client Services. He then moved to Europe, living in the Netherlands and France and developing ReMark's business in Southern Europe. He was then promoted to head ReMark's business in Latin America and continental Europe. Expanding his role to include North American operations, he took on the managing director role for those markets. Richard has nearly 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution in the insurance sector, and is a frequent speaker and committee participant at industry conferences about a variety of topics (distribution, consumer behavior, legislation, emerging technologies, and others).

Alexey ZeifmanAs the Investment Manager, Aleksei Zeifman is responsible for the origination, evaluation, and structuring of investment and partnership deals. Additionally, Aleksei is involved in the post-investment management of our portfolio, fostering the development of the Life and Health ecosystem and driving the value of the portfolio. Prior to joining SCOR, Aleksei has gathered 10 years of experience in the Life Sciences, both on the startup and venture capital sides. In the past, he worked as a principal at RBV Capital, where he led scouting and evaluation processes and served on the board of directors of portfolio companies. Aleksei holds a PhD degree in Chemistry from the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry RAS.

Olivier ArmengaudAs Senior Manager for Innovation Olivier supports the Venture team in discovering new investment opportunities, sourcing and managing relevant startups for the investment portfolio and ensuring partnerships with game-changing companies that can bring a complementary and differentiating offering to SCOR Global Life’s value proposition. Olivier was previously Senior Manager in the Group Investor Relations team. Olivier Armengaud joined SCOR in 2015 as a Manager in the Investor Relations team. He started his career in 2005 as a financial communications consultant at Brunswick Group. Olivier is a graduate from EDHEC Business School, Université Paris IX Dauphine and The University of Texas-Pan American.



Portfolio & Partnerships


100Plus100Plus develops connected medical devices that collect and send physiological data directly to physicians for review, with no need for configuration or setup by the patient. Physicians can then review the data via the 100Plus web-based data storage portal, and adjust treatments accordingly. This service enables seniors with chronic conditions and little to no knowledge of IoT to monitor their conditions, and to be monitored themselves by their doctors.

Exited – 100Plus was acquired by Connect America, leading provider of digital health and connected care solutions, in Aug 2021.

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BioserenityBioSerenity’s vision is to extend life and to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic conditions, leveraging new technology to build personalized data-driven care plans.

BioSerenity’s devices are textile-based (T-shirts, caps, pants) and feature embedded sensors, electronics and connectivity to automatically & continuously capture biometric data, which helps to diagnose and monitor targeted chronic conditions in several areas: neurology, sleep disorders, cardiology and urology.

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Logo Clover HealthClover Health is a technology company offering next-generation Medicare Advantage coverage. Clover uses its proprietary technology platform to collect, structure, and analyze health and behavioral data to improve medical outcomes and lower costs for patients. The platform also offers insights and information to medical professionals to offer best care practices to at-risk individuals to bring the best care and improve health outcomes to reduce costs.

Exited – Clover Health went public Jan.8 2021 through a merger with SPAC Social Capital Hedosophia

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Logo GarminGarmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., collaborates in diverse breakthrough initiatives with SCOR Global Life to inspire consumers around the world to promote healthy lifestyles. The collaboration with Garmin Health enables SCOR Global Life's Biological Age Model (BAM) to integrate more biometric data into its algorithm and deliver underwriting insights. Together with Garmin, SCOR Global Life is paving the way for the future of life insurance and helping to reposition insurers as health and well-being experts dedicated to their customers’ long-term health and happiness.

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Logo GenePlanetGenePlanet is one of the leading European providers of preventive health solutions based on genetic testing. GenePlanet offers a wide portfolio of testing solutions ranging from lifestyle based to medical tests and brings 8 years of experience supporting insurance companies help their clients get healthier across Europe . GenePlanet collaborates with SCOR Global Life to empower policyholders with their genetic information by providing them personalized lifestyle, health and sports recommendations. Together we’re removing the taboo on genetic testing in L&H insurance and helping customers getting the most out of today’s scientific advances.

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Human APIHuman API has developed a platform that aggregates, standardizes and consolidates health data so that users can track their health and share their health data with companies they trust. API stands for Application Programming Interface: essentially a “door” for external users to retrieve information/data in a standardized way.

Human API allows users to access, centralize and share their health data from all sources, be it their medical records, pharmacy data, lab results or their wearable device data.

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ifeel democratizes access to mental health by providing a highly scalable digital solution for broad categories of customers across the world. ifeel offering includes a full spectrum of support and services - from fully automated self-care to one-to-one video consultations with pre-selected psychotherapists - depending on the customers’ needs, experiences, and conditions.

Supported by ifeel, SCOR intends to further bring peace of mind to the end clients by offering them a convenient response to a pressing disease.

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VeriskVerisk, a leading data analytics provider, is developing its new automated medical underwriting engine for Life insurance in collaboration with SCOR. Verisk’s revolutionary tool will use artificial intelligence to help Life insurers ingest and interpret electronic health records for real-time underwriting decisions.

The new underwriting engine will pull records from EHR (electronic health record) providers and apply machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to analyze both the structured and unstructured data in those records.

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Latest Podcasts

The SCOR Innovation Podcast channel sheds light on evolving consumer needs in Life & Health and Property and Casualty (re)insurance and connects them to global ecosystems.

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Global fertility has been declining at a fast pace. From 1990 to 2019, the fertility rate fell from 3.2 to 2.5 live births per woman. We are talking to Pascal Koenig, co-founder and board member of Ava about tackling infertility with science. Ava is clinically proven to identify both the opening and closing of the fertile window, letting you know your five best days to try for a baby. In a world where fertility is falling due to lower childhood mortality rates, access to birth control, and focus on career development for women and men, one in seven couples may have difficulties conceiving. With medical treatments being considerably expensive, Swiss startup Ava has created a wearable to identify a woman’s fertile window based on 3 million biomarkers.

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Did you know that in Latin America, for every thousand individuals, there are only two physicians? Imagine you are at home, feeling terribly sick but having no access to medical care. Colombian startup 1DOC3 is tackling this exact situation as the largest telemedicine provider in Latin America. There is no more Doctor Google. Today we are talking to Javier Cardona, co-founder, and CEO of 1DOC3. How does it work? 1DOC3 is connecting doctors with people who have health related questions with their AI-driven symptom checker and chat. With over 1.5 million users and 300.000 consults every month, 1DOC3's digital health platform providers individualised medical information to Spanish speakers in countries like Colombia and Mexico.

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With a population of 1.4 billion people, China has seen half a century of rapid growth as the second largest economy in the world. Despite 95% of the population has basic health insurance coverage, many are turning to private health insurance, a market estimated to exceed spending of one trillion dollars in 2020. Today we are talking to Sebastien Gaudin, co-founder, and CEO of The Carevoice, a tech-driven startup which has created a healthcare operating system which connects insurers, pharmacies, physicians, hospitals and care providers, and the pharma industry to care and cure patients. As you will hear, Sebastian and I faced the challenges of working from home, so the quality of the call reflects this. We hope you enjoy the episode.

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Our investment focus includes consumer engagement, health and wellness, sales processes and claims, data sources and predictive models, digital distribution, and automation but we are open to other fields. Send us a message to explore how SCOR Life & Health Ventures can partner with you.