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  • 05Dec19

    Prevention is better than cure

    A proactive approach to health management enables an individual to manage, postpone and even prevent some medical conditions.

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  • 02Dec19


    At SCOR, we are pushing back the frontiers of insurability by insuring people who were previously excluded from insurance protection. In this interview, SCOR Global Life Medical Director, Professor Eric Raymond speaks to Professor Brigitte Autran, who has devoted her career to study HIV infection and has recently developed research on HIV vaccine.

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  • 04Nov19

    SCOR inFORM - The Kidney Diseases

    This publication presents some global information on kidney diseases, the definitions and basic notions, protective treatments, renal replacement therapies, disease progression information as well as proposed underwriting and claims management approaches.

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  • 04Sep19

    Reinsurance Revalued– the Way Forward

    The growing use of economic-value-based metrics will greatly benefit longstanding reinsurers, writes Denis Kessler, Chairman and CEO of SCOR, for the CEO Forum

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  • 02Sep19

    Flexing to Stay Relevant

    J.C. Brueckner, CEO of SCOR Global Life Americas, argues that reinsurers need experts with cross-functional knowledge and need to develop a deeper understanding of their end-clients.

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