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Asia Pacific

SGL - Senior Pricing Actuary, SEA markets

Job offer
  • Contributing to all aspects of pricing & product development work within SCOR to ensure that the SEA team meets its goal to be: A respected, customer-centric approach in developing and delivering work to enhance SCOR’s ability to write profitable new business that are within the risk appetite of SCOR’s.
  • Mid to senior level role for product development and pricing function within SEA.

About SCOR

SCOR is the 4th largest Reinsurance Company worldwide, following a profit-driven underwriting policy and practising selectively across all branches of reinsurance. Our specialist teams operate in over 120 countries, developing value added and innovative products and services and making long-term commitments to their clients, namely insurers and large corporations.
The Group’s strategy is based on a development model driven by three entities: SCOR Global P&C (Property and Casualty reinsurance), SCOR Global Life (Life reinsurance), and SCOR Global Investments (asset management).

Key duties and responsibilities

To lead pricing activities within SEA team and to support client management function in terms of product development activities.

Required experience and Education


  • Minimum 7 years of relevant insurance/reinsurance industry experience at a similar level, preferably in Pricing Area and with progressive development of job responsibility;
  • Expert Knowledge of Life and Health Insurance products;
  • Expert Knowledge of Reinsurance structures/solutions and its pricing;
  • Ability to handle large amount of data for determining best estimates for pricing;
  • Very good understanding of the need to integrate key stakeholders’ interests in the product design phase and its affordability requirement as well as the need to balance among profitability, risk management and marketability
  • Experience with various pricing tools for direct insurance and reinsurance pricing. Experience with Prophet is a plus
  • Good understanding of reinsurance treaty wordings and its corresponding link with the quotation slip.

Personal Competences

  • Strong presentation, verbal and written communication, time management and organization skills.
  • Results orientated.
  • Ability to adapt to changes in business needs, work independently and adhere to deadlines.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Culturally flexible and sensitive.

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Fellow of actuarial society (US, UK, Australian or equivalent) is preferred.

Start date