The SCOR Global Risk Center project aims to gather and analyse the most interesting resources about risks and related subjects concerning insurance and reinsurance.
It operates as a dual resource center, based both on data and resources produced by SCOR itself, and on all other resources available selected specifically by SCOR. 

Last SCOR publications

The macroeconomic role of insurance
This paper presents a framework for understanding the macroeconomic role of insurance, based on its economic contribution…
Automated Underwriting - The Industry Turns a Corner
2016 may go down as the year accelerated underwriting went from a big idea to a fully…
Principle-Based Reserves Model Governance - New Checklist Addresses Broad Modeling Risks
The American Academy of Actuaries recently released their “Model Governance Checklist” (dated August 2016). This checklist is…
A Year in review - Top 10 Themes of 2016
Over the past year, SCOR staff members, including our senior management team, have met with clients on…

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