Breast cancer in women – Reminders and up-to-date data


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Breast cancer in women is a real public health issue. All doctors, whatever their specialty, are confronted to some extent with patients with this type of tumour. It is the second most common type of cancer in the world. Breast cancer is responsible for more than 520,000 deaths each year, and is the fifth most frequent cause of death in the world. Breast cancer represents 25% of cancers diagnosed worldwide and 31.5% of all malignant tumours identified in France. The figures sometimes translate an extremely heterogeneous reality of tumour pathology, in particular wide geographical and ethnic disparities. Recent epidemiological data in oncology concerning this organ, as well as new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, have led to the risk connected with cancer in general and breast cancer in particular being reevaluated.

  • Delphine Labojka, Patrick Malamud and Xuân-Viêt Pham

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