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focus 04032016

Les nouvelles technologies sont en train de révolutionner le monde de la construction, il nous a donc paru primordial de suivre leur application dans le futur. Parmi celles-ci, nous en avons retenu trois : le BIM (Buillding Information Modelling), l’instrumentation des ouvrages par cordes optiques et les technologies relatives aux nanomatériaux. Ces technologies ne sont-elles qu’un effet de mode ou au contraire sont-elles nécessaires ?







focus 04032016

In this FOCUS publication entitled "Managing the consequences of macroeconomic and (geo)political risks: What roles for (re)insurers?”, experts in the fields of economics, mathematics and (re)insurance look at how to incorporate economic scenarios into strategic decision making, and at the role for (re)insurers with respect to the economy. The articles provide a range of perspectives on the management of political risks, and explore the new opportunities that they bring for the industry.





L’objectif de ce FOCUS est d'analyser les conséquences d'une réglementation thermique (la RT 2012) sur la responsabilité décennale des constructeurs dans le cadre de cette nouvelle disposition législative. Est-ce que cette loi de transition énergétique va encadrer, va délimiter, va définir un peu mieux cette responsabilité des constructeurs vis-à-vis de la performance énergétique ?





In the context of COP21 taking place in December 2015 in Paris, this FOCUS publication on “Climate Risk Modelling” aims to provide an insight into thoughts and discussions between climatologists, economists, modellers, actuaries, and (re)insurance industry professionals on climate risks and their insurability. These discussions took place during the SCOR Foundation seminar on Climate Risks on 9-10 June 2015 in Paris.




Under the pressure of regulators and capital stakeholders, capital management has now become one of the main preoccupations of (re)insurance leaders. Managing the capital of a (re)insurance company is all about optimizing capital under multiple constraints and seemingly conflicting objectives, such as solvency, growth and profitability. This FOCUS publication entitled “Gaining a strategic edge through capital management – Key issues faced by the P&C (re)insurance industry” is composed of twelve articles and addresses the general and technical aspects of capital management.





This focus analyses the Motor Insurance & Reinsurance market from various different angles, ranging from technical to general aspects of motors. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the key materials required for motor risk underwriting, along with an in-depth analysis of the green card system and mechanical breakdown insurance. To  address the technological advances being made in the motor field, two articles are devoted to the impact of telematics and autonomous vehicles on (re)insurance underwriting. One last article looks at bodily injury compensation in Western Europe.






This Focus publication looks at the effects of wind on complex structures. The traditional testing method used until now consisted of wind tunnel testing on a model of the proposed structure. More recently, a different approach has emerged: digital modelling. This method raises a number of questions: is it reliable? Does it accurately simulate reality? Are its results relevant? In line with SCOR Global P&C’s tradition of sharing its knowledge and experience, we invite you to read the points of view of three experts, as expressed at our 8th Inherent Defects Morning. This publication currently exists in French only.






The record-breaking natural catastrophe losses of 2011, along with the more recent Superstorm Sandy, have highlighted the issues surrounding modern supply chains in terms of insurance exposures and losses. In view of the global impact of such major events on both the risk management and (re)insurance sides, we decided to dedicate our 2013 Annual Conference to the key issues surrounding CBI and to exploring ways in which to successfully manage BI/CBI challenges. This SCOR Focus report, based on the speakers’ presentations made during this event, is designed to bring the insights gained during the seminar to a wider audience unable to join us at SCOR’s headquarters in Paris, and to build further on the discussions that took place at the event.





The present report gathers the different presentations of the Matinée Décennale, and is organized in two parts:
- The development of a wind farm project; the different steps, the inevitable difficulties and the insurance needs.
- The risks inherent in the construction of a wind turbine.
This publication currently exists in French only.













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