SCOR is deeply committed to transparency, to listening and to dialogue with its individual shareholders. Through its Shareholders’ Club, the Group wishes to foster exchange and to strengthen the relationship of trust that binds SCOR to its shareholders. This initiative aims to provide greater proximity, but also to enable individual shareholders to better understand SCOR’s business and the reinsurance industry as a whole. 
Join our Club as soon as you can. You will then be invited to events dedicated to our individual shareholders. You will also have the option of receiving our press releases directly by email. 
To become a Club member, just complete the membership form below. You can also contact the Investor Relations Department by phone on +33 (0)1 58 44 73 83 or by email at
Membership in the Shareholders’ Club is open to all adult SCOR shareholders who are natural persons holding bearer or registered shares and who hold, individually:
  • at least 100 bearer SCOR shares,
  • or at least 1 registered SCOR share.
Membership of the SCOR Shareholders’ Club is optional and free of charge.
SCOR undertakes to process your data in a fair and transparent manner. Click here to access the Group’s Privacy Policy webpage.
You can also contact the Investor Relations Department at