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Solvency II Financial Controller & Analyst

Job offer
Finance & Accounting

As a member of the Group Finance Solvency II team, you will be supporting the SII quantitative reporting manager in preparing analysis on economic movements of the period, deviation analysis between actual, forcast or landing and plan information for SCOR Group as well as the 5 solo entities, SCOR SE, SCOR Global Life SE, SCOR Global P&C SE, SCOR UK Ltd. and SCOR Global Life Reinsurance Ireland dac. Such analysis processes and tools shall be further developped based on the needs of the company. Analysis results and definitions of tools shall be used to define further developments of the systems used within the group.

Part of the tasks are related to properly document processes and controls related to the function.

About SCOR

SCOR is the 4th largest Reinsurance Company worldwide, following a profit-driven underwriting policy and practising selectively across all branches of reinsurance. Our specialist teams operate in over 120 countries, developing value added and innovative products and services and making long-term commitments to their clients, namely insurers and large corporations.

The Group’s strategy is based on a development model driven by three entities: SCOR Global P&C (Property and Casualty reinsurance), SCOR Global Life (Life reinsurance), and SCOR Global Investments (asset management).

About the team

Under Solvency II (SII), the SCOR Group and its EEA subsidiaries are required to report on a quarterly and/or annual basis Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRT), Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (SFCR) and Regular Supervisory Reports (RSR). Additionally, it is expected that other reporting requirements will partially leverage SII reporting but also require additional quantitative and perhaps qualitative submissions (e.g. Financial Stability (FS), European Central Bank (ECB) and National Specific (NS) requirements).

The SII team is organized around 2 teams – quantitative and qualitative reporting, whereby the qualitative reporting team is attached to the Group CoE team. Within the quantitative reporting team the focus lies on further developing Group processes for the production of SII quantitative reporting requirements assigned to the team, namely QRTs and Economic Balance Sheet (EBS).

The quantitative reporting team is organized around two areas – the economic balance sheet (EBS) and the investment reporting. Within the quatitative reporting the holder of the position will work and develop on the preparation of analysis and planning tools. As part of this production process, he/she will be supporting the development of planning and analysis information allowing to improve the understanding of the quantitative information on Group as well as the solo legal entity’s level.


Key duties and responsibilities

The position of analysis and planning within Solvency II includes the following main aspects

  • Support analysis of change from one period to the other period with a focus on economic movements
  • Focus but not limited to the economic balance sheet
  • Develop tools facilitating the analysis
  • Participate and support analysis of change between SII actuals and landing
  • Support development of tools to prepare SII landing / support forecast
  • With the increasing understanding of the processes elaborate on possible additions or changes to systems to further improve automation
  • Contribute to the quarterly internal reporting to management and legal entities

Required experience and Education


  • Accounting/fianance background
  • Good understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Knowledge of Statutory accounting principles
  • Consolidation – systems,
  • Planning & Annalysis – process and production


Personal Competencies:

  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Independent worker and analytical thinker with ability to conduct research, data analysis and resolve complex problems
  • Invovative and curiouse
  • Targeted with attention to detail


Digital Competencies:

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skills
  • Generally good understanding of Mocrosoft office products
  • Affinity to IT / systems

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