Every year SCOR welcomes students for internships, placements and an international business volunteer scheme known as "Volontariat International en Entreprise" (V.I.E.). SCOR has dedicated programs in each hub, which enable students to successfully pursue their studies while obtaining valuable work experience.
In this way SCOR is working to strengthen ties between the Group and the colleges and universities close to the heart of our business.
Key requirements for employment with us include a university or "Grande Ecole" degree as well as an excellent level of English. If you are interested, take a look at our offers here.
SCOR financially supports one of the projects born out of the Ticket for Change initiative. “Stagiaires Sans Frontières” offers an innovative concept that proposes internships divided between a private company and a non-profit organization. Apart from providing financial support to this association, SCOR hires on a regular basis interns working within this framework. In 2017, Stagiaires Sans Frontières has become Vendredi. Click here for more informations or watch a presentation video.