Following its various external growth operations since 2006, SCOR has become a global group. After the respective acquisitions of Revios and Converium in 2006 and 2007, SCOR was keen to adapt to the diverse cultures of these companies. It also had to take into account its statutory reorganisation in 2007 around three Societas Europaeae (European Companies) in Paris (SCOR SE, SCOR Global Life and SCOR Global P&C). SCOR Global Investments, the Group’s third operating structure and also a Societas Europaea, was subsequently added to these.
A new dimension This is why, in 2008, SCOR began to implement an original organisational structure based on Hubs: Paris, Zurich, Cologne and London for Europe, Singapore for Asia and New York for the Americas. In order to strengthen this organisational structure, in 2014 the Group combined the Cologne and Zurich hubs, with a view to creating a simpler, de-layered management structure and improving the efficiency of the operating structure, thereby providing further support to SCOR’s client offering.
The current structure, which consists of five Hubs, enables the Group to provide high value-added management solutions, while maintaining close proximity to clients. As the Hubs are located at a local level, they are also able to attract and retain local talent on each market. Finally, the Hub structure helps to optimise each platform, integrating them efficiently and seamlessly into the global structure of the Group and thus generating synergies. This structure reflects the decentralised, multinational and multicultural character of SCOR, which is perfectly suited to the international reinsurance business.

How the Hubs functionSCOR’s four Hubs are organised around 4 Life/Non-Life platforms, to which are allocated the subsidiaries or branches of the Hub's geographical area. These platforms manage Life and Non-Life risks on their local markets and in their geographical areas, as well as carrying out global functions relating to underwriting (e.g. underwriting certain specialities in Zurich or Takaful reinsurance in Singapore) and management (e.g. centre of excellence for financial modelling in Zurich, establishment of CFO at SCOR Global Life and centre for calculating the Group's Embedded Value in Cologne).










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