SCOR's aim, as an independent reinsurance company with an international dimension thanks to its Hub network, is to develop its Life and Non-Life business lines, to provide its clients with value-added solutions and to pursue an underwriting policy founded on profitability, supported by effective risk management and a cautious investment policy, in order to offer its clients an optimum level of security and to create value for its shareholders.Anticipating the market environment The market environment forces the Group to manage ever-greater capital requirements.

These new requirements call for greater diversification, due to:

  • the Group's triple-engine structure,
  • the coverage of a greater number of risks,
  • growing internationalisation.

At the same time, these increased capital requirements also call for a moderate, adaptive and controlled risk appetite.

The Group has reduced the impact of acute risks on its balance sheet thanks to a new CAT Bond and a mortality swap.

Adapting to a volatile financial environment SCOR has adapted to the heightened volatility of the financial environment by:

  • pursuing a strategy of cautious investments - allocating risky capital focused on profitable underwriting,
  • maintaining a liquidity of over 6 billion euros,
  • limiting exposure to subprime and monoliners.

Anticipating developments on the Non-Life market The Group has implemented a plan enabling it to face new trends on the Non-Life market. This plan notably includes:

  • a demonstration of the clear existence of considerable business during the renewal periods,
  • a focus on business management and the deployment of invested capital with a view to maintaining profitability and return levels,
  • the strengthening of its presence on markets which have potential for profitable growth in the short or medium term,
  • a culture of relations with potential clients in the Specialties sector.

Taking advantage of growth in the primary Life market and the non-cyclical nature of the Life sector The Life market is undergoing significant changes and the Group is capitalising on this, notably with regard to:

  • the growing mobilisation of banking networks for the distribution of Life insurance products,
  • the aging of the populations of OECD member states,
  • the strengthened role of reinsurers in terms of financing operations in the Life insurance sector,
  • the rapid rise of emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East.
  • the acquisition of the mortality portfolio, including the operational assets of Transamerica Re









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