SCOR provides Career opportunities throughout the world
As a global company, SCOR has based its HR policy on global and harmonized principles. These principles concern remuneration and benefits, training and skills development, notably through "SCOR University", as well as career and talent management. 



SCOR's Global Mission


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SCOR benefits from an agile and responsive internal dynamic
Geared towards the future, SCOR’s strategy in terms of work organization favors the reinforcement of strong and multi-faceted relationships between employees. The Group’s employees look beyond their immediate managers and colleagues in order to successfully conclude their projects, by drawing on the global skills and know-how available within the Group.

Breakdown of SCOR employees
SCOR has established an attractive remuneration policy
SCOR offers a competitive global remuneration structure based on merit, which enables the Group to attract, motivate and retain Talent.
Its global remuneration package is structured around base salary, annual bonus, the possibility of free shares, a Long-Term Incentive Plan as applicable and benefits such as pensions and health & accident coverage.