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Head of Life Process and Data Quality Risk Management

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Gestion des risques

Support the implementation and maintenance of ICS standards as well as ensure that the key operational processes and associated controls, with a particular emphasis on data quality, across all entities/branches of the Division are properly documented and implemented.

-          Pursue the implementation and monitoring of the ICS standard within the Life division in close coordination with Group ICS-CC

-          Pursue the implementation and monitoring of the Data Quality Framework, following Group initiatives and in close coordination with the Group Chief Data Quality Officer

-          Implement a regular control operational assessment on the processes and associated controls, in order to be able to demonstrate the proper implementation of the ICS within the Life Division (to auditors, supervisors, etc.)

-          Propose harmonization of key processes and controls across entities of the Life Division (if accurate)

-          Contribute to system improvements.

The Head of Life Process and Data Quality Risk Management will manage two Life risk managers (1.2 FTE).

A propos de SCOR

SCOR is the 4th largest Reinsurance Company worldwide, following a profit-driven underwriting policy and practising selectively across all branches of reinsurance. Our specialist teams operate in over 120 countries, developing value added and innovative products and services and making long-term commitments to their clients, namely insurers and large corporations.

The Group’s strategy is based on a development model driven by three entities: SCOR Global P&C (Property and Casualty reinsurance), SCOR Global Life (Life reinsurance), and SCOR Global Investments (asset management). 

A propos de l'équipe

With dual reporting to Life Risk Management and Life COO office.

As part of the Internal Control mission, Life processes are documented following SCOR’s standards in Certus; they cover 30 entities. As part of each process key controls, including data quality controls are identified.

In order to properly ensure the implementation of an efficient Internal Control System (ICS) within Life Division, the Life ICS organization is strengthen to:

·         Support the transition from the ICS project and Data quality project focused on implementing a framework to comply with Solvency 2 requirements into business as usual activities supporting effective processes

·         Support operating within a controlled framework aiming to minimize operational risks

.         Improve business performance through ICS & Data quality management activities.

Missions et responsabilités

  •   Support ICS standard maintenance and implementation for Life Division processes and Life entities

-          Contribute to develop, maintain and update ICS standards, including support scoping of relevant process

-          Communication and Training

-          Management of self assessment performance by process owners

-          Report on ICS effectiveness


  •   Division process management

-          Implement, coordinate and monitor the Quarterly Control Operational Assessments on Life processes and controls

-          Ensure common understanding of key operational processes and related controls across entities of the Division

-          Monitor evolution of regulatory and audit requirements in terms of control process, and participate to systems improvements

-          Leverage the process implementation at entity level to establish a benchmark across entities of the Division, harmonise key processes, and thus contributing to the operational performance improvement

-          Follow-up data quality & ICS problems met at the Business unit level, escalate them if necessary and propose a remediation plan; approve projects, and settle disputes


  •  Division Data Quality management

-          Ensure, with the appropriate coordination, for the Division management common understanding and global view amongst the various stakeholders (Heads of global functions and/or heads of region) in the Division on Data Quality related topics.

-          Establish a detailed workplan in order to reach the acceptable regulatory standards

-          As Life Business Data Governance Lead, establish a dedicated framework to structure the coordination with other Data Quality actors: Data Quality Engineers, Chief Data Quality Officer.

-          Implement a proper regular monitoring of Data Quality implementation progress within the Division, in discussion with Group Data Quality Management, and propose updates of processes, controls, Data sets, and Data flows accordingly as necessary, in close relation with key stakeholders listed above.


  •  Division process management and support to Group ICS-CC

-          Communicate and implement Division ICS standards processes including training

-          Support Self assessment performance reviews and report on ICS effectiveness

-          Check correct use of procedures across the Division and support Implementation of key operational controls effectiveness framework through sample testing

-          Support all entities entity/branches in terms of procedures

-          Participate to new project and change management processes which could follow.

  •   Division Data Quality management

-          Participate and represent the Division in all meetings, committees, sub committees in place throughout the group related to Data Quality.

-          Liaise on an ongoing basis with all the parties involved within and outside the divisions on Data Quality related topics, and keep up to date at any time the status of progress.

-          Contribute to prepare data quality processes

-          Support GDPR framework implementation.

Expérience requise et Formation

University/Master degree in Finance or Business school. Experience in Project Management certification would be a plus.


·         At least three years of relevant experience related to audit, risk / compliance or internal controls

·         Good understanding of Solvency 2 environment and requirements

·         Ability to analyse requirements / environment and propose action plans to achieve the team’s objectives. Reduce complicated factual contents to the essentials

·         Strong Project Management skill

·         Team player, collaborative spirit

·         Excellent English


·         Team management experience

·         Excellent communication skills – able to communicate clearly and concisely verbally and in writing

·         Excellent interpersonal skills  - able to build constructive relations across the Group

Personal Competencies

·         Conscientious, curious and enthusiastic.

·         Well organised, efficient and autonomous.

·         Analytical and thorough.

·         Flexible and reactive in order to respond to a constantly evolving environment.

.         Trustworthy, honest and high ethical and personal standards. 

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