A new SCOR publication looks at the rising threat of ransomware and how risk management, cyber security and cyber insurance can help.
The collapse of Wirecard has been a reminder that idiosyncratic risk should not be ignored, especially when the economic environment is in turmoil.
(Re)insurers including SCOR are preparing for the major trends than could affect the insurance sector over the next five years and beyond
Supporting our clients and the development of sustainable and resilient societies
Dans le cadre de la série d’articles les Patrons et le "Monde d'Après" du magazine économique WanSquare, Denis Kessler examine comment les arbitrages macro-politiques sont susceptibles de changer suite à la pandémie de coronavirus.
E.g., 05/08/2020
E.g., 05/08/2020
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Rick Pretty (Senior Vice President, Deputy Head of Life R&D for the Life & Health division of SCOR in the Americas) describes how SCOR’s R&D teams can help to make underwriting more efficient through the comprehensive and dedicated analysis of data sources.
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