The seventh SCOR Young European Researcher Prize for Research into Alzheimer’s disease was awarded to Renzo Marcuso of the Gothenburg University in Sweden.
Groupe P&C
As part of the virtual SCOR Rendez-Vous webinars held in September, two sessions highlighted some of the digital transformation journeys undertaken by (re)insurers, looking both at transformation from within and external innovation led by InsurTech and start-ups.
Les travaux de l’équipe franco-américaine dirigée conjointement par Jean-Laurent Casanova et Laurent Abel, et soutenue financièrement par la Fondation SCOR pour la Science, permettraient de dépister les personnes à risque de développer une forme grave, et de mieux soigner ce groupe de patients.
Groupe P&C Investissements
In an expanding risk universe, the (re)insurance industry has a key role to play in helping to address global challenges. During the virtual SCOR Rendez-Vous in September, Michèle Lacroix and Laurent Rousseau looked at how the sector can take a proactive stance on sustainability and climate change, in terms of both asset allocation and underwriting.
Technology is currently transforming the insurance and reinsurance industry. How is it shaping the future of Life & Health (re)insurance?
E.g., 26/10/2020
E.g., 26/10/2020
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Climate variability, the increased frequency and severity of certain extreme events, and the growing vulnerability of modern societies to natural hazards have thrown down the gauntlet, challenging us to adapt to climate change. Tackling and addressing the associated risks is a global and shared responsibility.
At SCOR we are working on model interpretability because we believe that we have a duty to provide every applicant with transparent risk assessments that provide them with a path forward to understand an outcome.
In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a massive shift in our industry as clients and partners have worked tirelessly to support life insurance applicants and distributors, since traditional fluid-based underwriting protocols have been severely disrupted. As an organization, SCOR has been committed to reinventing the underwriting process through our Underwriting Reimagined strategy.
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