Diversity & Inclusion at SCOR

Email to colleagues regarding the current situation in the United States

Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the state of our nation. What happened to Mr. George Floyd just miles from our Minneapolis office is a tragedy. Many of us are filled with incredible sadness, frustration and deep emotions. Everyone deserves dignity, respect, opportunity and the right to live peacefully. 
We were uncertain about how to address this important topic but didn’t want our loss for words to overshadow this opportunity to discuss the civil unrest that currently exists in our country. 
At SCOR, we support diversity and inclusion. This can be a defining opportunity to admonish the attitudes that have led to these acts of violence and intolerance. We can use our influence to denounce hatred, combat discrimination and unfair treatment, embrace humanity, speak truth and foster a workplace culture that respects all people and celebrates the inherent values we possess as individuals. 
The diversity that exists at SCOR, our history of acceptance and ability to embrace differences can help us to build bridges here and within our respective communities. As an organization we can be proud of this reality. Let us demonstrate compassion, empathy and promote civil, honest, meaningful and respectful dialogues that make lasting differences. Let us check in with fellow colleagues and display kindness which can help us find the path to healing. 
Our efforts will not end with this single message. We will soon share some company initiatives that will help us to move forward. As a leadership community, we will continue to identify ways to enhance inclusion and champion greater diversity, promote belonging and equity, stand against inequality while we demonstrate our value and respect for the many cultures and communities represented at SCOR. 
Our Chairman and CEO, Denis Kessler, our Executive Committee, our Boards of Directors are all committed to promote and respect equal rights, dignity and diversity. They are more than ever committed to relentlessly fight against behaviours and attitudes not respecting the rights of all citizens. 
We appreciate your commitment to equality, progress and solidarity. We are hopeful. Let’s vow to make a difference. Together. 
J.C. Brueckner
Brock Robbins
John Jenkins 
Rudy Herve 
Paul Christoff


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