Gérer la santé mentale et réduire les demandes de prestations d'invalidité grâce à une intervention précoce

FEEL German Award

(Article en anglais) SCOR and Gothaer Life Insurance were named “2020 Pioneers” at the German insurance industry’s “Digital Lighthouse” innovation awards, sponsored by Google and the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The award recognizes SCOR and Gothaer Life’s innovative approach to the prevention of mental health problems through early intervention with the Feel Program, a digital mental health solution developed by Californian start-up Sentio Solutions that combines online coaching with evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.

Under the Feel Program, insureds receive a wristband with biosensors that track emotional reactions through skin analysis and heart activity. This information is relayed to an app, through which users can track their reactions in real time. Integrated relaxation exercises and online coaching provide them with ways to deal with stress and negative feelings, and help them to feel supported.

In its pilot roll out, the Feel Program showed a positive impact on life satisfaction after four months. Over the long term, we are confident that it will help to reduce chronic mental health conditions, thus reducing disability claims and improving the long-term profitability of insurance disability portfolios.

In addition to preventive care on existing disability portfolios, the Feel solution can also be applied to claims management and new insurance business.

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This award is a great achievement for SCOR, and reaffirms our commitment to helping people live happier and healthier lives.

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