Resilient together: SCOR’s 2019 Activity and CSR Report

SCOR is pleased to announce the release of its 2019 Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility Report



Resilience embodies and defines the reinsurance industry.  Our mission is to minimize the impact of shocks whenever they occur – to make this world more livable.


Far too many people today remain underinsured or uninsured. Every time catastrophe strikes, this lack of coverage sets back the ability of societies to recover and move forward. SCOR is working to bridge this protection gap, widening the limits as far as possible by offering new products and improved services.


At the same time, the horizon of emerging risks is expanding and the potential impacts of things such as cyber attacks, pandemics and climate change are not yet fully understood. Building resilience in this rapidly evolving universe presents particular challenges – and opportunities – for reinsurance.


The insurance universe is marked by cycles and trends in which shocks are exceptional. For reinsurance, large risks and catastrophes are the raw material of our business. While the insurer’s risk probability distribution is based on abundant and granular data about high-frequency and low-severity events, we focus on the tail end of the probability distribution spectrum – on low-frequency, high-severity events. At this end, the variance per risk is much higher and data is limited. This is why we use probabilistic rather than statistical tools. We don’t foresee what is going to happen – we infer it. More and more, this means entering a world of scenarios.


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In our 2019 Activity & CSR report, we explore our past, our ever-changing present, and our limitless future. We dive into the major accomplishments across our business lines, our positive environmental and social impact, and our solid financial performance in 2019 thanks to our strong and dedicated teams around the world. As we look ahead, SCOR is stepping up its transformation and accelerating the use of new technologies to build the reinsurance company of the future.


For 50 years, our resilience has contributed to the protection and welfare of millions of people around the world. Our resilience means your resilience.

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