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SCOR has recently completed its second iteration of the global data visualisation competition – SCOR Viz Games.  Starting in 2021, the competition has continued in 2023 with over 90 participants from over 16 countries to explore the theme of Net Zero. Participants were given IMF datasets on global CO2 levels, temperatures and natural catastrophes as well as sea-level data and country commitments.

In Australia, 4 teams participated with varying levels of experience, but with high levels of enthusiasm. In under two weeks, the teams got together to produce a diversity of perspectives and impressive designs, scintillating stories exploding from the data.

The esteemed judges of regional CEOs picked the top 4 finalists from Australia, China, USA and France.  Each finalist had a chance to present their dashboards as they were judged against three elements: design, analysis and story (similar to the Tableau Iron Viz Games).
In the end, the Australian team (‘The Inside Scoop’) of Roger Birt, Rebecca Bell and Jonathan Tan took first place with stunning analysis taking users through small actions each of us can take to have big impacts across countries for future generations:

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SCOR Viz Games 2023 - The Inside Scoop | Tableau Public

In this visualisation, we go on a journey for each country back to simpler times with lower emissions, through to current times with emissions breakdowns and climate impacts, and finishes with actions that each of us can make to reduce our carbon footprint. Other finalist visualisations can be seen here:

France: NetZero_by_Sara | Tableau Public

USA: Net Zero | Tableau Public

China: Not a Zero Sum Game | Tableau Public

The winners donated the winning prize money 1,000 EUR to Australian Conservation Foundation, Australia's national environment organisation. A great initiative showcasing the tremendous talents at SCOR, where ‘Win or Learn, you can’t lose’.