François de Varenne - SCOR's 2023 Q3 Results

We are pleased to present our 2023 Q3 results.
Speaker: François de Varenne, Group Chief Financial Officer and Deputy CEO.


Frieder Knüpling - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"SCOR’s ERM framework has evolved over the last 50 years to enable the company to withstand an array of extreme events and thanks to this, SCOR has been able to fulfill its role of contributing to economic stability through protecting society against disasters."

François de Varenne - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"In 2019, we successfully concluded the “Vision in Action” strategic plan, delivering on all our objectives. We also released our roadmap for the current plan, “Quantum Leap”. In this highly uncertain economic and financial environment, SCOR Global Investments will focus on delivering a strong and recurring financial contribution. Meanwhile, we are deeply convinced that being a sustainable investor will help us to better manage risks and generate superior long-term returns. We have put sustainability at the heart of our investment strategy."

Brona Magee - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

“What sets the “Quantum Leap” plan apart is that it has been built by our vision of the future. Providing more peace of mind and helping as many people as possible to achieve happier and healthier lives underpins everything we do in the Life insurance industry.” Brona Magee, Deputy CEO of SCOR Global Life

Jean-Paul Conoscente and Laurent Rousseau - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

Innovation founded on expertise: Jean Paul Conoscente and Laurent Rousseau, CEO and Deputy CEO of SCOR Global P&C, take a look back at 2019 and what it means for the future of reinsurance.

SCOR - X Datathon 2020

We were thrilled to see the final results from our Datathon teams and they did not disappoint! After four months of hard work, the teams from École Polytechnique and ESCP Business School showed off their talent and pitched their great ideas.

Insurtechs are using Digital infrastructure to deliver the products of tomorrow

At the 2019 SCOR Annual Conference, Adrian Jones, Deputy CEO of SCOR P&C Partners, spoke with the heads of data science from two SCOR partners: Andy Mahdavi of States Title and Arnaud Alepee of Hokodo.

Thomas Poinsignon, Winner of the "Prix des Jeunes Actuaires 2019"


Denis Kessler - SCOR's 2019 Annual Results

“The Group continues its development and its strong value creation, recording sustainable growth, an increase in profitability, and further strengthening of solvency.” Denis Kessler, SCOR Chairman & CEO

Mark Kociancic - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

SCOR navigates 2019 with disciplined and profitable franchise expansion, leveraging its balanced portfolio of risks between Life reinsurance and P&C reinsurance, and continues its strong value creation through delivering solid capital generation. Watch Mark Kociancic, SCOR's Group Chief Financial Officer

SCOR CAMPUS - Agriculture & Crop insurance


Daniel Fraga - Chief Financial Officer and Branch General Manager at SCOR SE Argentina Branch

What sets SCOR apart for Daniel Fraga? “The experience that we have worldwide, with local knowledge, really enables us to offer our customers a top-quality service. That makes us one of the preferred players for clients when choosing a reinsurer.”

Manisha Dias - Director, Business Development at SCOR Global Life


Happy Birthday SCOR!

Fifty years ago today, on February 10, 1970, SCOR was created in Paris. Since then, we’ve expanded to more than 3,000 employees in 38 offices around the world, all of whom are dedicated to our mission of contributing to a safer, more resilient world. We wish SCOR a Happy Birthday and we thank all of our employees for being a part of the journey!

SCOR and Partners Life - My Underwriting Manager


60 seconds on... Life Reinsurance - Bruno Latourrette

In this first episode of our new series “60 Seconds On”, Bruno Latourrette, Chief Knowledge Officer for SCOR Global Life, answers our questions on the biggest trends impacting Life reinsurance.

SCOR's Carbon Offset Program

We asked our colleagues around the world to choose between carbon offset programs proposed by our partner EcoAct. The votes are in: SCOR will be supporting Floresta de Portel in Brazil and Yedeni in Ethiopia. Thanks to our colleagues, we are proud to be offsetting 100% of residual CO2 emissions over the next five years, and we look forward to taking our commitment to CSR and sustainability one step further. #InsideSCOR #GreenSCOR

Claire Mouminoux, Winner of the "Prix des Jeunes Docteurs 2019"


SCOR's Season's Greetings

2020 is a special year for SCOR. We look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary with you and we wish you every success in the year to come.

Combining Art & Science since 1970, SCOR helps its clients navigate through a constantly changing risk universe, pushing back the frontiers of insurability and contributing to the welfare and resilience of society.