Protecting the Beautiful Game: Understanding professional football in life underwriting


Football, also known as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world, attracting 50 million players and 3.5 billion fans worldwide. Seemingly a glamorous sport, as displayed in the media, professional players earn a large amount of money and fame. But people often forget that they also face significantly high health and life risks - injuries, chronic pains, concussions, mental health, cardiovascular risks, accidents, etc. To mitigate such risks, football clubs and players seek insurance protection. What risk factors should insurers consider when underwriting these athletes? 

In this report, SCOR’s underwriting experts talk about health and life risks associated with professional footballers, providing a deeper understanding of how complex and increasing risks should be considered during the professional footballers’ insurance application process. The analysis also features two mock underwriting cases from different markets to give readers a glimpse of how SCOR’s professional underwriters assess cases.  

We invite you to follow this series as we tour the world of extreme sports, tapping into SCOR’s network of expert insurance professionals – and amateur athletes – whose passion and knowledge allow SCOR to break through common misconceptions and offer a better understanding of the true risks surrounding extreme sports for amateurs, professionals, and – occasionally – even spectators. We will also explore the most recent trends and the implications of new medical developments, predict how a changing climate and other evolving factors might impact these sports, and highlight the hidden links between Life and Health and Property and Casualty coverage in the world of extreme sports.
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