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E.g., 24/11/17
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Autonomous machines are an increasingly present feature in business and in everyday life. With exponential advances expected over the next few years in artificial intelligence, robotics and data-supporting infrastructure, autonomous machines are set to become even more prevalent.

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Basin effects in the 2017 Mexico earthquakes

Mexico is one of the world's most seismically active regions, sitting atop several intersecting tectonic plates. In September 2017, two earthquakes shook Mexico.

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SCOR Global Life crée une nouvelle équipe de direction générale

SCOR Global Life annonce la constitution d’une nouvelle équipe de direction. S’inscrivant dans le droit fil du plan stratégique « Vision in Action », cette nouvelle organisation permet à SCOR Global Life de se concentrer encore davantage sur ses clients et la création de valeur.

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SCOR CONFERENCE 2017 – Risk and resilience of infrastructures

In their joint presentation titled “Risk and resilience of Infrastructures: how smart technologies can improve risk management”, Dr. Jennifer Schooling, Director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction at the University of Cambridge, and Olivier Hautefeuille, Chief Underwriting Officer, Industrial and Commercial Risk at SCOR Global P&C, highlight the need for a resilience...

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SCOR Conference 2017 – Cyber Risk

In his presentation “Cyber risks, where we are”, Sébastien Héon, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer at SCOR Global P&C, analyzes the impact on the insurance industry of the increasing threat posed by cyber attacks.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a reminder that breast cancer in women is a real public health issue.