Why choose us

Through a culture based on individual and collective performance, SCOR promotes expertise and excellence, with a particular focus on individual career management


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SCOR believes in creating the conditions that will make you want to work with us. This means encouraging professional mobility, ensuring an attractive compensation policy, and supporting our pool of talent in their professional goals while doing our best to promote a healthy work-life balance.


Our surveys show that SCOR employees feel engaged with their work and involved in our success. SCOR values each individual’s contribution to the Group’s objectives and we involve key employees in our medium and long-term development. We also help our employees to apply and develop their skills by creating an innovative and dynamic working environment that facilitates the transmission of knowledge and know-how.


Our employees are confident about SCOR’s future, they identify with our values, and they strongly support our environmental actions such as carbon offsetting.


Joining SCOR

Joining a new company is a key moment in anyone’s career. SCOR believes that successful integration can only be accomplished through a collective effort, so we involve all stakeholders – top managers, teams and new employees – in our onboarding process. Now more than ever, our employees need to have a strong sense of belonging. We monitor integration closely, tailoring and customizing programs to welcome new employees while supporting rapid understanding of the SCOR environment.

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Skills for the future

We know that developing expertise, fostering knowledge and sustaining career growth are key to employee motivation and wellbeing, as well as to the Group’s performance. SCOR is committed to supporting and empowering a culture of growth based on the potential of our people, in which they continually learn and develop.

SCOR University, a global team of learning and development specialists, is driving SCOR’s self-driven learning culture and growth mindset by building learning communities, crafting learning journeys and experiences, and enabling knowledge sharing, and therefore putting our employees at the center of their development. Our employees have unlimited access to a variety of learning solutions, including face-to-face learning, digital & virtual training, blended learning solutions as well as their own LinkedIn Learning and Speexx license.


A socially responsible employer

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Each year employees and managers define voluntary corporate social responsibility objectives, choosing from themes that included civic engagement, wellbeing and diversity in the workplace, environmental protection, and the integration of social and environmental challenges in their jobs. Long-term compensation mechanisms, such as performance shares and stock options, are linked to corporate social responsibility criteria, as well as to compliance with the principles set out in the Code of Conduct.




Inclusive to the core

SCOR promotes diversity and equal treatment in all aspects of employment, from recruitment to evaluation, compensation and talent management. The Group is proud to employ people who care about each other, their community and society as a whole. We do everything we can to encourage these attitudes in our employees and to empower them to make a difference.





#WorkingWellTogether is an employee-led initiative that helps us to thrive through wellness and respect, to engage with the community and the world around us, and to progress by bringing out the best in each other. This program brings employee wellbeing, diversity, inclusion, and societal engagement together across offices, hubs, countries and continents.  #WorkingWellTogether helps us to build a vibrant and interactive corporate culture and underscores our commitment to a working environment free from discrimination.

#WorkingWellTogether also empowers people to engage with the community and the world around us. In this spirit, SCOR for Good, a Group-wide community engagement program built around a digital platform, makes it easy for all employees to see what others are doing across the globe, volunteer, and find ways to use their skills to contribute to lasting change for the planet and its people. Opportunities include field work, skills sharing, donations and fundraising.