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A Leading Global Position

The Property and Casualty (P&C) Business Unit of SCOR combines integrated systems, advanced tools, human expertise and more than 45 years of business experience in multiple lines of business, across more than 160 countries. 
Providing proportional and non-proportional reinsurance in many forms, SCOR’s P&C experts stand out thanks to their spirit of long-term partnership. Their aim is to evolve alongside their clients, while ensuring a consistent underwriting philosophy and direct access to decision makers. 
We strive:
  • to be one of the preferred P&C partners for our clients, leading business and providing a full range of solutions, both locally and globally
  • to be a good corporate citizen
  • to do all this while maintaining an efficient and proven shock-absorbing capacity and producing best-in-class results.


Jean-Paul Conoscente

"We remain confident in the future of reinsurance as an enabler of a better world. "

Jean-Paul Conoscente, Chief Executive Officer of SCOR P&C