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2023 Universal Registration Document
2023 Activity Report
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2023 Group Sustainability Report
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SCOR Sustainability Policy

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Declaration of Intention

Upon receiving a written request from a public authority to share loss data with it, SCOR will share its loss data with the requesting public authority on the following terms:

  • The request must be reasonably specific about the loss data that is being requested – e.g., loss data relating to an identified natural catastrophe event – and must sufficiently describe the relevant analytical research
  • The requesting public authority must agree the loss data provided will be used solely for analytical research and to enhance adaptation to climate change by society in a region, country or internationally only and that the loss data provided will not be shared with any additional third parties (other than if it is consolidated with other (re)insurers’ loss data and there is no identification of SCOR as one of the providers of the consolidated loss data) without obtaining SCOR’s prior written approval
  • All loss data shared will be gross to SCOR and will be at a level that ensures the disclosure complies with all applicable data protection legislation protecting the privacy of SCOR’s clients, underlying insureds, employees, business partners and other interested parties, including the European General Data Protection Regulation
  • Any publication based exclusively on the loss data provided by SCOR or that identifies SCOR as a provider of loss data used to prepare the publication requires SCOR’s prior written approval
  • The loss data requested must be extractable from SCOR’s systems in the usual course of its business operations
  • SCOR will provide the requested loss data within a reasonable period of time, but reserves the right to delay providing it should contain market sensitive information
  • SCOR will not charge for providing the loss data


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