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At SCOR, we value multi-disciplinary teams, at all levels. Our knowledge community brings together experts from various business-related and research-oriented backgrounds, enabling us to better assess the biometric risks we face: 


Our knowledge supports our teams and clients worldwide

By embedding expertise within our business, we ensure that we innovate in ways that benefit our clients and Society as a whole. 
Our knowledge community is structured to facilitate communication and sharing between experts, whatever their function or position. 
By leveraging local expertise, strong technical skills and long-term experience, we optimize all our capabilities to deliver state-of-the-art risk assessment and product development to our clients. 


We share our expertise to develop products at each stage of the customer journey

Knowledge and data are essential to remaining relevant in the emerging world of the future. We are committed to using our machine learning and AI expertise to support our clients at every stage of the consumer journey, from product development to claims management.
We deliver AI-based solutions that ease the selling process, improve risk scoring and segmentation, and automate claims management. 
We design innovative products and solutions that use data to help people live healthier and longer lives. Through our Biological Age Model (BAM), we were the first reinsurer to offer an insurance product leveraging the number of daily steps people take, along with other data sourced by wearables.

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We leverage Behavioural Science to better design our products and services

Humans are not always the rational decision makers that traditional economic theory would suggest.  Instead, decisions and behaviour are impacted to one degree or another by cognitive, psychological, emotional, social and cultural factors. By understanding the biases and factors driving human behaviour and decision making we can better design solutions to help customers make choices that are best for themselves and for society at large.


Behavioural science is effectively applied at all stage of the consumer journey

behavioural science

Our products and services provided to clients already include a behavioural science component


SCOR has partnered with clients to apply Behavioural Science concepts in redesigning the application and claim process for their customers. This involves changing the language, layout and structure of the application and claim processes. The result is a more straightforward, less taxing customer experience, making it easier to answer questions truthfully and accurately.  

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SCOR has partnered with key players in the wearable tech industry to develop the Biological Age Model (BAM).  Making the most of wearable data BAM not only continuously assesses how we are living but empowers and coaches us to make the right choices and live healthier lives. We apply what we understand about human behaviour, motivation and habit formation to ensure engagement is optimised in health and wellness programmes.

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Furthering the pool of academic research with regard to behaviour and insurance can help formulate new approaches to understanding behaviour and provide a framework to test in a lab experiment or field experiment setting before implementing in the real world. 
Academic research in Behavioural Insurance is less well developed than Behavioural Finance, but growing. SCOR has a research partnership with Toulouse School of Economics with the aim to advance this area. Topics under investigation include risk perception, household decision making and interaction with robo-advice.

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Sharing knowledge and research is at the heart of our DNA

SCOR's Life & Health business constantly strives to enhance its knowledge and understanding of Biometric Risks. Our experts have established partnerships with top researchers and academic institutions recognized as authorities in their given fields. These partnerships enable our teams to utilize a wide range of expertise and databases, thereby enhancing our risk assessment capabilities.

Our experts then share their knowledge during SCOR events, industry conferences, webinars, client trainings and local and global publications.

For example, as part of our aim to promote knowledge development and trigger creative evolutions, in October 2019 we launched a 4-month Datathon with students from X-Ecole Polytechnique and ESCP business School in Paris. The connections and ideas that emerged made the whole event an extremely enriching experience.

SCOR - X Datathon 2020

We were thrilled to see the final results from our Datathon teams and they did not disappoint! After four months of hard work, the teams from École Polytechnique and ESCP Business School showed off their talent and

SCOR Campus - Expert training and networking for our clients

For almost 50 years, our SCOR Campus training program has been dedicated to supporting and assisting our clients' development throughout the world.

With a view to consolidating our long-term business relationships, we offer our commercial partners themed seminars and conferences