SCOR invests in Bioserenity

SCOR Global Life has made a strategic investment in BioSerenity, a French medical solutions company that aims to optimize the patient pathways in several chronic diseases through the design of connected devices, end-to-end medical diagnoses and 24/7 patient monitoring in healthcare facilities.

This partnership supports SCOR Global Life’s value proposition of making Life insurance more accessible and desirable by simplifying the medical underwriting process for the consumer and by helping people lead healthier and longer lives. SCOR envisages Bioserenity devices being used at home for medical underwriting purposes and helping policyholders track and monitor health conditions post policy issue.


To deliver its mission “to provide physicians and patients with 24/7 continuous care”, BioSerenity has built a vertically integrated business in diagnostics and monitoring. By leveraging proprietary devices and by hiring technologists and expert physicians, BioSerenity enables patients and physicians to remotely follow continuous electrophysiological signals in the fields of cardiology, neurology, and sleep disorders. With a clouded layer of data and advanced algorithms, BioSerenity facilitates the process and analysis of health data.


This strategic investment in BioSerenity supports our efforts to make the purchasing process easier and less invasive by enabling simple, at-home underwriting. BioSerenity also gives us the opportunity to develop more affordable and inclusive insurance covers and to help people manage their health conditions thanks to the continuous monitoring capabilities of their wearable technology” said Brona Magee, Deputy CEO of SCOR Global Life. “As part of the Quantum Leap strategic plan, SCOR Global Life seeks to use data to help clients put people at the center of the life insurance experience. We are actively helping our clients building easy-to-buy products and improving health outcomes of their policyholders.”


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