SCOR and its subsidiary ReMark partner with Humanoo in France to improve the health of policyholders

Healthy food - SCOR/Humanoo

Incorporating SCOR’s Biological Age Model (BAM) into Humanoo’s mobile health app will help to improve the wellbeing of a larger number of users in France.

“The insurer’s role goes way beyond simply taking on risk and paying out claims,” says David Caron, French market manager at SCOR Global Life, “we want to empower policyholders to become agents of their own wellbeing.”

SCOR and its subsidiary ReMark have partnered with Humanoo to incorporate SCOR’s Biological Age Model (BAM) into Humanoo’s mobile health app. Insurers will now be able to enrich their risk prevention offering with a solution that measures the impact of policyholders’ physical exercise on their life expectancy, based on the data collected and analyzed. The Humanoo platform is structured around three areas: fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. It proposes regular physical exercise, with more than 3000 workouts and coaching sessions and an original, motivational reward system. 

“One of the major challenges with engagement platforms is motivating users over the long term. Humanoo’s offering successfully meets users’ needs, since 65% of them use the app every week,“ says Andy Gugenheimer, Humanoo’s General Manager in France.

This unique solution will enable insurers to increase client loyalty by providing direct access to rich, varied and regularly updated content. The holistic approach aims to encourage behavior that improves wellbeing on a daily basis. By modernizing the image of insurance, this solution also appeals to a younger population of policyholders seeking to maintain their health. 

The unique offering created by SCOR and Humanoo also helps to improve the technical balance of insurer portfolios over time. The anonymous data collected through the app gives insurers a better understanding of their portfolios and enables them to fine-tune their vision of the risks involved. The BAM algorithm “translates“ users’ physical exercise into essential information for insurers. Based on the data collected and analyzed, BAM measures the impact of that exercise on users’ life expectancy. This enables insurers to actively monitor the policyholders on their portfolio and measure the development of risks over time.

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