Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a reminder that breast cancer in women is a real public health issue.

One woman in eight risks developing breast cancer in her lifetime; one woman in 28 risks dying from the disease. Recent epidemiological data on breast cancer, as well as new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, have led to a re-evaluation of cancer in general and of breast cancer in particular. The classifications, specific markers, different diagnostic elements, treatments prescribed and their chronology are what enable the risks posed by breast cancer to be better understood.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also a chance to highlight the importance of early detection. For most cancers, and for breast cancer in particular, medical advancements and earlier detection have led to a reduction in mortality and late stage incidence.


SCOR has published two expert papers on breast cancer over the past two years. “Breast Cancer in Women”, published in 2016, takes a general look at the disease, discussing among other things the latest statistics, classification, prognosis and treatment.

“The Impact of Different Screening Scenarios on Breast Cancer Incidence”, published in 2015 in cooperation with the Department of Public Health of the Erasmus Medical Center University (Erasmus MC) in Rotterdam, gives an overview of screening, the situation in the Netherlands, the cancer modelling tool MISCAN and the results of various screening scenarios. Erasmus MC is a leader in terms of modelling the effects of cancer screening, and the publication discusses the impact of breast cancer screening on insurance cover. The results set out in the paper give a deeper insight into the risks linked to changes in screening practice, both from a forward-looking perspective for countries without existing screening programs, and retroactively in order to understand population data and claims experience - not just for breast cancer products in the Netherlands, but also worldwide for products where breast cancer is just one of many covered conditions. They also show how different product designs can minimize the risks for the insurance industry, by maintaining meaningful and affordable cover for the insured.  



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