SCOR Conference 2017 - Pushing the edges of risk awareness and insurance

On September 28 and 29, the 10th SCOR Annual Conference welcomed senior managers, CEOs, CFOs, CROs, reinsurance buyers and insurance senior executives from all over the world to discuss the role played by the (re)insurance industry in terms of covering the mounting risks affecting societies and governments.

The SCOR auditorium was packed for the 2-day event, with +180 attendees from 47 different countries. The 18 speakers (check the programme and our speakers) gave insightful presentations on the main ingredients for the development of our societies:  ranging from water (water security/water scarcity), to agriculture and food, health/longevity, and infrastructure/power.  Renowned experts in their respective fields provided considerable insight into the challenges posed by these risks in the near future and the key role of the (re)insurance industry to contribute to livelihood and well-being.




The topic of artificial intelligence was also an important focus this year, as a potential emerging solution to expand insurable risks and to develop automated and predictive underwriting.  The presentations described how new technology is already changing our societies and the way we live, which in turn is impacting the (re)insurance sector.




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